Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship

I am always confused to define our relationship in terms of feelings, understandings, and bonding. People always ask about the same, and I always deliver a very random answer to them, even I am confused at the time of attempting the question.

Actually, the situation is, I never feel like to define our relation, bonding, and understanding. How I respond to her and how she responds to me. It’s still a mystery. I know you are wondering what I am talking about, actually, our topic for exploration is my sister. Yes, you got exactly right the topic is my SISTER “Aashita”. She is a special child or in a biological term, she is born with Down syndrome.

Let’s discuss in brief about Down Syndrome

Down syndrome, it’s a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material results in developmental changes and physical features of the Down syndrome. Furthermore, it causes learning disabilities and other medical abnormalities including heart and gastrointestinal disorders in children.

Initially, I used to complain every time because when she was born, my mom sent me to my granny’s home. And also one more reason is her name, I like her name more than mine because when I was in school a found minimum of 3 to 4 girls with the same name. And her name is that unique that till now I haven’t meet any girl with the same name. Apart from this, she is the cutest, fairest and beautiful baby girl in her childhood. I really have that jealous kind of feeling for her. But as I grew up started realizing, what is the actual scene. After that, things have been changed. I started trying to understand what actually wrong with her. What can be done for the change? But I found that my parents have already done what is needed and they lose hope on her. And they were right also because this syndrome doesn’t have any cure because it’s a genetically unorganized case which was happened at the time of conceiving. The only thing which can be done for this type of child is a healthy diet and regular health check-ups, which can help in suppressing other prone disorders.

Does she understand when I want to convey? Here is the answer to the question.

I can’t be able to talk to her, but I understand her feelings. She can also understand that I am her sister. She reacts when I try to communicate, understands that I am saying something to her. But yes it’s not that clear as happen within two normal people.

When a random person meets the first time to the Down syndrome people, they really get shocked and they get scared with the body language of these kinds of people because it’s very different and also captivating at the same time.

Apart from this, World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21 March and According to UN organization, approx. 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 1,100 live births worldwide born with Down syndrome. Each year approx. 3,000 to 5,000 children are born with this chromosome disorder.

The essence of this discussion is, be kind to life in whatever way it is because it’s the most special thing in the world which you have.

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4 thoughts on “Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship

  1. Hi
    I am really glad to read this true story ….
    Aashita is so sharp minded.
    She knows feellings
    She is lucky to have parents like her mom and dad
    Also elder sister.

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