Break Your Own Records Otherwise The Records Will Break You

A target cannot be achieved in a blink. You have to work very hard and constantly for the same. There are things that can distract you from the goal, there are things which can attract you towards them, but here you have to stick with the same if you truly love the decided goal. The idea behind the success of your goal is, just do it from every right angle, or just leave it, if you are unsatisfied with the idea or have any kind of doubt, but do remember don’t get stuck to the level, which can destroy your mental health.

The world is very diverse and the opportunities available are also abundant, but the need is to find the right fit for yourself. An individual can grow every single day, minute and second. Sequentially, the idea of deciding goals on a daily basis and putting efforts to achieve them is the halfway of breaking your own record.

Now the time is to understand the importance of breaking records and also the reason, why we are talking about the same.

So, the record-breaking is important because you only stay in the process of improvisation when you are continuously breaking your prior records… hope you guys agree, right?

Our reason behind this discussion is continuously breaking environmental records…

According to the estimates of health effects organization, air pollution contributed to approx. 5 million death globally in 2017 and reduces life expectancy to 1 year and 8 months worldwide. Furthermore, according to another estimate of global waste management conference, the world cities have generated 1.3 billion tonnes of waste annually and Asia accountable for 1 million per day as per the estimates.

I don’t know you guys know or not, but the recent opening of a FIRST Oxygen bar in Delhi is not at all a good record-breaking news for Indian environment. This innovation is indicating environmental deterioration. And this all is happening because of continuously record-breaking practices in terms of daily living, where we are not at all bothering about the disposal of waste, usage of unhygienic products, wastage of natural resources, overuse of valuables, contamination of water bodies and many more. As a result of all these, now you are required to buy the oxygen… isn’t it funny if you look some years back? But for now, it’s very casual news for Delhi and very soon it will be more casual news for the whole country (India) if we move at the same pace towards the record-breaking environmental deterioration.

Can we just hold and start thinking about the reverse environmental record-breaking process?

Recently an initiative started in Delhi termed as “leave your car behind” by a ride-hailing company. We can easily figure out that this is happing to take advantage of the environmental conditions by multinational companies.

But, can we take this kind of initiative for ourselves for environmental wellness? 

There are individual initiatives which are helping not only our society but our environment as well like proper handling of e-waste, unwanted belongings (clothes, stationery, furniture, footwear, bags, and others) donations, renewal of sea waste plastic (Note: some water bodies are source of oxygen), tree plantation and many more. Just figure them out and set your own goals that can not only save the environment but our future as well.

Hey, wait! Just think about it… What your elders have left for you and what you are planning to leave behind for your next generations?

Are you planning to provide them contaminated air, water, and soil…? Or planning to leave containers of oxygen cans and that too with flavors.  

Think On It!!!

Reduce Reuse Recycle!!!

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Interaction With The Growing Child

Small children are like raw material which is going to be a finished good one day, and it all depends on us how we want it, for whom we want it, what work we want from it. There are kinds of people lives in a society, some are happy in others happiness, some want dilemmas in others life for making their own self happy, some are like unhappy always with the life, people, surrounding or situation they always complain about the things, never get satisfied. These types of people are those, who once have faced difficulties, rejection, partiality, scarcity, and similar kinds of negative things in their life. Let’s compare it with the manufacturing of products from raw material.

First, we have to prepare that raw material in the form that can be used for making our desired product by applying some experiments and methods, similarly, we have to give a particular surrounding and conditions in which our child will start behaving and thinking in the way which we want them to.

Second, now design all individual parts of the final product by applying forces, talent, manpower, technology and time. In the same way, we have to interact with the growing child also, we should manage his or her friend circle, school life, hobbies, skills, and home environment.

Third, now we have to assemble that all individual parts for making them one as every individual part is not at all useful no matter if they are brilliant on their own but they are not useful if not work or combine together. Likewise here is the time for the child to manage his/her life events on its own, now the question is: what is our role in this situation, as this thing has to be done by own. But the thing is now is the crucial role which we have to play by helping them assembling all their dispersed parts of life on their own.

Finally, we have a desired finished product.

Now, these finished products are of types that we have mentioned in the first paragraph. All get started with the first stage what type of surrounding they get, and the people with whom they interact.

For that, it’s suggested always deal with a smiley face and in a kind nature with a child whom you meet, because the smile is a healing treatment of every problem, it creates a sense of happiness, beauty, togetherness, calmness, and peace of mind. This lets a child should create a positive image of the world and ultimately he/she want others and their own self happy and that behavior will wash out the concept of negative thoughts, conflicts, and crime at a considerable level.

So Smile when you meet a child.

Make your own self happy and let others being so.

I wish you all a happy life…….

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The 10 Important R’s of the Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is something which is not only a need of the hour but also a way to live a healthy and happy life. The 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are very popular for the sustainable development, but here we are going to discuss the other important R’s that can contribute to the development of the environment. I have talked about the environmental issues and outcomes in my posts before and have also shared some individual initiatives which are upgrading the environmental condition. That all efforts are appreciative and are saving the environment in some way or another. But this is not an individual’s task, right? We all need to make some collaborative efforts for saving our environment, so that not only us but our future generation can live a happy life with the natural blessing, which we have got from our elders, but are not making the same possible efforts to deliver that to our future generation.
So, let’s get started guys!
Now we are going to understand the 10 most important R’s one by one that can save our environment or ultimately the earth so that we can live in a better place.
Here I have mentioned the better place any guesses why I have mentioned so
A better place in terms of less pollution, better place in terms of lesser natural calamities, a better place in terms of fresh air for breathing right? So, if you are thinking so then you are absolutely catching the point!

  1. Refuse
    It’s very obvious that the degrading environment condition is the result of overuse along with the rapidly increasing demand and consumption of unwanted, toxic, or non-eco-friendly products like plastic products, toxic chemicals, and others. Something special, I have got in the comment box of my previous post, where a person has mentioned that he and his wife have not even bought a new pair of cloth in the last couple of years just to contribute to the environment upgradation. I am not saying that we should also refuse with the same intensity, but yes we can refuse the purchase of excess quantity that only contributes to our wants and desires but are not our necessity.
  2. Reduce
    The excessive use of natural products and other substances that are depleting the earth’s resources is on the high pick and we need to reduce that to save ourselves, our planet as well as our future generations. The various governmental and non-governmental bodies are also organizing awareness programs as well as taking initiatives to reduce the production of this kind of product. For instance, bans on the usage of polybags, support for the production and usage of electric vehicles, so that the fuel engine vehicles get decrease. This kind of initiative is growing just to save the environment without compromising the ability for coming generations to meet their own needs.
  3. Reuse
    It’s a quite known and adopted term, right? People have started reusing many daily uses things, but still, the generation and dumping of the used products are increasing. Here I want to share a concept that says that when you reuse a certain good then ultimately you are suppressing the production or need of a certain number of new commodities. For example, the reuse of one polybag can stop you from buying and using another 10-12 new once. Here another term upcycle has evolved, that says reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original one.
  4. Recycle
    This is an emerging term across the globe, particularly to deal with the increasing amount of waste. The recycling is something where waste or used material is converted into the reusable material by applying some processes on it. Most of the cities and countries have recycling plants that are converting some kind of waste into another form of material that can be used to produce new finished goods. Basically, there are three types of recycling is discussed including primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary recycling is a kind of closed-loop where one thing is turned into more of the same thing. Secondary recycling is the process of turning something into other things made of the same material or can say reprocessing of waste to produce a lower grade product from the processed one. Tertiary recycling means the complete breakdown of a product into molecules with the help of the chemical process and then transforming it into a completely new product.
  5. Refurbish
    The term has got popularity with the online platform, where you got refurbished products right? I have come across when I was searching for mobile on an eCommerce site, and have the options in lesser prices, but has later observed that that were the refurbished one. No doubt, that e-waste is one of the types of waste that is increasing at a tremendous speed. And the need is to either limit the production or dig out the solution for the proper e-waste management so that a balance will be maintained in the environment. The most important part of the waste is, a new life can be given to it, which can replace or save a large amount of virgin material. Here the refurbished means to give another life to the used material by renovating or redecorating.
  6. Rebuilt
    In terms of the dictionary, rebuilt means to build again after something is damaged or destroyed. Basically, rebuild means to remanufacture the original products by using a combination of reused, repaired, and new parts. The term is mostly used in the construction and machinery where the damaged or demolished ones get to build again by certain procedures or combination of them. For instance,
  7. Repair
    This is also a very good option to deal with the increasing waste quantity, especially in the case of e-waste repair is the very efficient solution. The increasing usage of electronics products, as well as the increased buying frequency of people due to the launch of new variants or products with advanced features, is expanding the quantity of e-waste across the globe. Moreover, the repair of used or old product results in decreased chances of production.
  8. Refinish
    When used or age-old products like furniture and vehicles start losing or else lost their shine, most of us try to sell them, what if we give them a refinish to regain the shine. The procedure is quite an artistic right! How we are going to do that it’s upon us, and even we have a lot different pattern to follow while applying to refinish. So, it’s quite interesting and can give another look and life to the used ones.
  9. Repurpose
    Repurpose means you adapt something to use for different purposes. For instance, plastic bottles can be used as decorative materials, lamps flower pot, and so on. The vehicle tires are used as a garden pot, table, or chair, and sometimes also used in the construction sector for some purposes. Ultimately, repurpose means to figure out another purpose of use for the waste or used material, instead of its real purpose, in order to protest against its dumping into the landfill.
  10. Rethink
    This one is the most important if you are thinking about the efficient execution of above mention 9R’s. RETHINK means to raise awareness among the community about waste management as well as to participate in the waste management practices, particularly to decrease the quantity of waste into the environment and on landfill. It particularly focuses to improve our efforts towards the aforementioned 9 R’s of sustainable development.

So, guys start rethinking about your consumption habits to minimize the burden of waste (our deed’s) on the environment

Upcycle or Recycle: Which one is the most environment friendly?

The two terms “Upcycle and Recycle” are used interchangeably most of the time, but they are not same. Recycle means the breaking down of used or waste products into the raw material which can be further used to make another new product. The recycling uses resources like electricity, water, machines, labour, and others for converting the product into raw material. For example: to recycle the used plastic products, the recycling firms bifurcate the alike plastic material and break them into smaller parts to manufacture new products. Whereas, upcycle means reuse of the waste materials, by-products, useless, or unwanted products creatively into new materials or products that can be of great quality. Upcycle does not use more resources for converting the available waste into raw material.

Here are some of the initiatives that are focused towards the “Upcycle” or “Recycle” concept

Aarohana is a Social Enterprise based in Pune (India) focused on the conservation of environment and heritage, enabling rural livelihoods and simultaneously creating conscious consumers. The firm is resolving the issue of Waste Management by UPCYCLING waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabric. The entire process is manual and uses the Indian traditional CHARKHA and HANDLOOM. The fabric manufactured from plastic waste is used to manufacture consumer products like handbags, fashion accessories, office utilities, and home decor products among others. Moreover, I have purchased a pencil pouch and coin pouch from Aarohana Pune Store, which is manufactured from the used plastic, as well as, I have also donated plastic bags that I have deposited from the last 2 years of my daily usage. As I don’t throw plastic bags into the dustbins because these plastic bags destroy our environment. By using these plastic bags again, we can not only save our planet, but can also decrease the production chances of these kinds of toxic products.

The best solution is not using these plastic bags, but there are times when we can’t help and need to take them. At that time, we should keep this thing in mind, that what we are using? Will not get dumped into the site and we are going to take responsibility for reuse, recycle or upcycle of the particular product.


Shailaja Rangarajan has started rimagined in 2016 with the experience of around 15 years as a business consultant. Rimagined is an enterprise that aims to provide an Upcycled alternative to consumers for everyday consumption. It is based in Bangalore for offline purchase whereas its online store has a global presence. To date, rimagined has transformed 120+ MT of material and has created around different 500+ products with the help of its 30+ team members. The materials including fabric, denim, rubber, wood, glass, and yarn are upcycled to give another life to them while protecting our environment and available resources.

Recycle Man of India

Binish Desai most popularly known as “The recycle man of India”.  He is converting bio-medical waste especially single-use masks, head cover, and non-woven PPE kit into bricks (P-Block 2.0). The biomedical for recycling is collected from hospitals, salons, bus stops, schools, and other public places by placing ‘Eco Bins’. The environmentalist and innovator from Gujarat has also manufactured P-Block bricks before, which are made up of waste produced in paper mills.

Let’s think!

How beneficial it will be for us and our environment when we start using all plastic waste into construction. The expanding construction activities have hiked the demand of construction material including bricks, if this plastic waste which was manufactured by diminishing many other resources like water, electricity, and others will get recycled into bricks. The whole structure of the economy will change and we will be able to create a sustainable living.

It’s a dream now, but our collaborative efforts can bring it into reality.

Here is an example of my contribution to UPCYCLING

I have used all the paper packaging which I bought including biscuit package (dark fantasy, Oreo, etc.), green tea packages, sweet packing, and others for making drawings or else I have used the consumer goods packets as a canvas for my drawings, which has not only given life to the used packets but has also given an eco-friendly canvas to my hobby. 

These types of small mindful contributions can not only save our environment but will also help us in living a healthy life. We are busy in our lives that we don’t pay attention to these things which are demolishing a healthy environment.  Someone has given a great line that depicts:

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it

The priority of the hour: Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish

The continuously degrading environmental condition is known to all of us, but are we looking into it. The unstable weather conditions, frequent natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake, or locust attack. Everything has started right from cutting down trees, emission of harmful gases into the environment, emission of varied pollutants into natural resources, excessive use of environmentally harmful substances, and the unnecessary wastage of available nature produces either food, wood, or minerals.

“Anything that happens with an individual is the reflection of his/her karma”

This is not just an effective arrangement of words, instead, it’s a fact. One can find it in every chapter of the holy book “Bhagavad Gita”, whereas the meaning and purpose of Bhagavad Gita can be surf on search engines because this is not the direct purpose of this discussion.

What we all are facing now:

  • Rare and chronic diseases from unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Harmful agriculture produces due to soil pollution and excessive use of unhealthy fertilizers for increasing the production value.
  • Unfavourable breathing environment
  • Vanishing biodiversity
  • Famishment and Under-nutrition
  • Lack of pure drinking water and water bodies

This is the high time to understand that our deeds are destroying mother earth and if it’s not get changed it must be altered. The reduce, reuse, recycle, and refurbished initiative is not only helping mother earth to refresh but also helping us to deal with the vanishing resources by properly utilizing them. The rapidly decreasing natural resources will not only affect our daily life but will also destroy the natural habitats of many other living beings. Our small contribution to the initiative will make a difference and we need to understand that.

Some of the minor changes we can make to contribute in this global initiative “Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish” include:

1.         Plastic Resources (polybags, package box, straws, pens, etc.)

2.         Paper bags

3.         Biodegradable or food waste

4.         Glass bottles

5.         e-waste

6.         Water

Plastic Resources (polybags, package box, straws, pens, etc.)

Our lives are getting dependent on a plastic day by day either directly or indirectly. We need to understand this serious concern that our habits are destroying this beautiful world. Plastic packaging box which that comes with different food delivery orders, with other packaged food items, and with daily use products can be used again after wash for arranging small articles or for arranging kitchen items like spoon, cutlery, knives, and others, as well as used to arrange jewelry, thread spool, and other similar items. Apart from this, if you don’t want to use them again then you can at least keep them apart to sell them to the trash collector so that the used item can reach the recycled point for reuse. Poly-bags are also a big concern of the era they are not only destroying our water bodies and soil they are blocking sewage systems as well which badly affect the lives of sewage cleaners.

We need to think about this!

Paper bags/Cardboard Packaging

First of all, it’s a good alternative against plastic bags, but it will be better if we use the more eco-friendly alternative of plastic bags like cloth bags which can be used many times after wash. Though, if we use paper bags we should take care of their disposal as well. Else, if they are in a condition to be used again then you should do that, if not then they can be used as manure for the home garden. As we should not forget that paper is the outcomes of trees which are rare and getting lesser day by day.

Biodegradable or food waste

What we get after cleaning vegetables is organic waste which can be composted and used in garden soil healthy growth of plants. Some people also have habits of leaving food in plats after eating, it’s not a good habit but it’s there and we all know that a very large amount of food is wasted in our plates that can be used to feed poor or else to animals for sure, and it all this cant’s be done you can compost it instead of throwing it into the dustbin and make a portion of nutritious food for plants instead. The food is only wasted by throwing into the dustbins but also gives the space for many diseases and unbearable smell that spoils air quality and contributes to increasing pollution.

Glass Bottles

The used-glass bottles can be used for decoration by applying paint, lighting, and other necessary procedures. Additionally, these can also be reused in the kitchen as containers after proper wash. Moreover, if these cannot be done we can at least sell them to the waste collectors so that they can also make money from it and the glass bottles will reach the recycling point soon. The idea is to reduce, reuse or recycle things, instead of dumping them into the waste fields, which creates unbearable smell and gives birth to a variety of unfavorable viruses that will negatively affect the health of people living there or passing from there.


The biggest problem of the era is e-waste, the favorable authorities of every nation is dealing with the same and are planning every possible solution for dealing with the same. Instead, things are going worse day by day because we people are spending more and more on e-gadgets which are turning into the trash after our use. What least we can do is trying to limit the purchase of unnecessary electronic gadgets or else give the used one to the needy who can use the same instead of buying the new one while compromising with the budget. If these cannot be done, we can sell them to the waste collector so the chances of getting recycle get increased to some percentage. One more thing, if it’s not that important don’t collect the e-waste into your house because after a certain time you will dump it which will badly affect the environment.


No need for any kind of explanation for water wastage the present scenario is known to all of us. How the water bodies are getting polluted? How the drinking water is spreading diseases? How people are using excessive water? We are not even getting the drinking water that can be consumed without filter, we need to filter the same before consumption. And the day will come soon when we’ll not even be able to use water for daily routine without the filter. The high time has come and we need to understand that it’s time to limit the use of water, otherwise our future generation will not be able to live life as we are living now. What we can do, we can use the water which is left after moping for garden plants, we can use the washing machine (cloth) water for cleaning the outside of our home like balcony & other outside spaces of our home or else can be used to wash the vehicle tires and other favorable objects. As well as we can close the taps when not using the water especially while washings dishes, brushing teeth, or cleaning cloth as well as try to limit the use of daily shower for bathing.

This discussion is just to remind you all about the degrading condition of our environment because of the increasing excessive usage of natural resources and other unnecessary entities. The responsibility of saving the earth is on every individual’s shoulders and we have to play it well.

Save Environment, Save Earth, Save Life!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Or Refurbish!

A Strategic Move Towards The Better Economy

The Indian economy is heading towards a better future that will be dependent on its own production capacity in almost every industrial, commercial, and agriculture sector. The PM Modi has given a speech to the Indians on 12th May at 8:00 p.m. He has announced about the 20 lakh crore economic package to revive the economy in COVID-19 outbreak for the reassurance of urgent need for financial support for workers’ wages in micro, small and medium enterprises.

So, what has been explained in the above paragraph are the known thoughts and trending news on the google and the backside of the story is that Indian economy is sufficient enough to fulfill needs of its people is clearly visible from this outbreak, where people are spending life with locals brands especially in terms of the food industry as the import activities are closed. India is a developing country and the move towards the “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative with this announcement is providing additional meanings to economic growth. The best example of this is “Khadi” which was prior in a decline stage but after the PM support to the industry, it has to gain the demand by the people and collaterally the graph headed up.

The need for the hour is to provide support to the Indian brands and businesses so that if any other situation like this pandemic will arise in the future countries will sufficient enough to fulfill its needs to the fullest. For the same PM Modi has given the term “Vocal to Local”, it means residents should market the nation’s brand for more reachability through the word of mouth marketing. The initiative is quite interesting and likely to give a potential result to the future of the Indian economy.

Thanks to all the readers!

In the meantime “Stay Healthy Stay Safe”

Liebster Award Nominee……

All the readers are welcome, hope u guys are safe and doing well at your homes. This post is designed to continue the nomination chain of Liebster award, I am nominated by  Aditi Verma, a big thanks to her for considering me as a potential nominee. For those who are not aware of this award, want to update you that this ward is particularly designed for the initial bloggers who have just stepped into the blogging world and are influencing or expanding their readers.

Liebster Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions of the nominator.
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Questions from Aditi Verma

I want to thanks her for providing such an interesting question that is even giving me time to think about myself.

Q1. When and how did you start blogging?

Ans. The passion for writing was started from my childhood, I remember, have started writing thoughts when I was in 5th standard, but the blogging comes into existence in my life when I have done an internship and started freelancing in content writing at the time of my post-graduation.

Q2. What is your favourite quote?

Ans. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renovate”

Q3. Beaches or mountains?

Ans. Actually, I admire both and even everything that is nature-based.

Q4. If you had an extra hour in the day, what will you be doing?

Ans. An extra hour is like an extra cheese that should be used for extra delight.

Q5. What is your all-time favourite food?

Ans. Sweet dish with the combo of anything that adds potential nutrient to my health.

Q6. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

Ans. I would like to watch a movie because the visuals garnished with well-written thoughts are my taste.

Q7. How do you deal with stress?

Ans. I literally start cleaning my space while I am dealing with stress or else prefer to spend my time on writing.

Q8. What appeals to you most, soul or appearance of a person?

Ans. The soul of a person appeals most to me, whereas a good soul with a decent appearance is a completely appealing package.

Q9. What message would you like to give to your future self?

Ans. Don’t waste time on thinking that you have taken wrong decisions, just cherish the journey and try to make it more meaningful.

Q10. What are you most thankful for in your life?

Ans. My “mummy and papa” are the most beautiful part of my life, I am thankful for.

Q11. How are you spending time during the COVID19 crisis?

Ans. I am a working woman in the market research industry, so most of the time I am involved in work from home, Else, I am spending quality time with my hobbies and family.

11 Facts About Me

  1. Introvert with a Judging nature
  2. Like to dress-up well
  3. Always try to manage resources that are available to me (good waste management skill)
  4. Love of writing and singing
  5. Art designs are a kind of addiction
  6. Obsessed to make some big change in the environment soon
  7. Don’t like to listen “No” for anything, especially from loved ones
  8. Hard work and genuineness in daily life
  9. Creative mind and thoughts
  10. Hungriness to learn new things
  11. Kind nature, but hard to gain the trust

My 11 Nominees

  1. SaaniaSparkle
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  5. Sustainable Melanie
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  7. Christophfischer
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  11. यज्ञदत्त #यज्ञ

Questions For My Nominees

Q1. What are your expectations from blogging?

Q2. Have you ever got confused while choosing your career option?

Q3. What are your hobbies? How you are dealing with them?

Q4. What are your views on marriage?

Q5. What is your contribution to waste management?

Q6. What kind of blog titles attract you for reading?

Q7. What do you like reading or listening?

Q8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Q9. What are your plans for the future or for the next 5 years?

Q10. What are your eating habits?

Q11. What are your views on the COVID-19 outbreak?

Thank you all for reading.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

Corona Outbreak: A Game Changer

Corona or COVID-19, a recall session for dos and don’ts to humans, or a reminder for the required things and people to every individual.

The game was started just before the beginning of 2020. People were involved in the preparation of welcoming New Year, collaterally a game-changing situation was blossoming i.e. COVID-19 from a part of the earth to another and now almost every human occupied landfill is experiencing the corona outbreak, either in the initial stage, growth stage, maturity or decline, as happens with any other game changer right?

The countries and their governments have declared lockdown, people are now living quarantine life, some with willingness and some due to need of the hour. The people are now fully separated from their normal life events like work, party, get-together, shopping, outing, and others. What they are doing now are the basic tasks, which are essential for living a healthy life on the earth.

The impact is expected to change the lives of the majority of people after the outbreak, as it will remind them, what are the essentials for living a healthy and happy life? The routine of people is changing, which is the most important element impacting a greater part of an individual’s life. For instance, if a person is practicing a particular thing from more than a month or two, then that becomes part of life. And what people are practicing now days is a healthy breakfast, brunch, dinner and even snacks, quality time with family, and self-care. These are the prominent life essentials having the power to transform an individual physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now the time is to change the game, and the planner of this game-changing situation is that invisible power, which has created the earth and dependent lives on it.

The busy life schedules, distracting innovations, and show-off trends have drastically changed the lives and environment.

During this quarantine phase, the earth is healing itself with the help of less air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution. Human selfishness has used excessive natural resources including fuel, water, trees, land, and many more in unfair ways, that have resulted in ozone layer depletion, pollution diseases, and habitat destruction.

Let’s consider, we clean our house for the celebration of special occasions or when our house gets too much dirt. In the same manner, things are happening with the earth such as cleaning of air, cleaning of animal habitats, most importantly cleaning of river and ocean that are continuously getting pollutants from industry wastage or human activities.

The most recent happening after lockdown includes improved air quality in India, the holy river “Ganga” gets cleaner due to lockdown, improved air quality in China, which is likely to save between 50-75 thousand people from premature death, that occurs from polluted air diseases. These are the only warm-up facts, there are lots of other trending important environmental changes on google, and many of the estimates by researchers have published, in compliance with the improved environmental condition.

In the end, we can say that “The Mother Earth Is Healing Itself”. Else, the fact can’t be neglected, that the good things come with some negative effects.

We shall overcome one day for sure…

A big thanks to all the individuals including doctors, nurses, NGOs, police, volunteers, government officials, vendors, guards, and municipality workers, who are continuously involved in doing their jobs for a better tomorrow.

Stay home stay safe!

Need of the Hour: Environmental Protection

A new decade is here with the chance to dedicate yourself to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R) initiative for a better future with a protective environment. The deteriorating environment is heading towards the black future of us and our generation. Very soon we’ll be left with the polluted air, water, soil and everything which is nature-based and important for survival.

The need is to figure out things where we can make changes right from the unnecessary use of fuel cars, electric appliances to the water, and food. The other side of the wall is the proper disposal of the used items and the efficient management of the disposals.

Wait! This is not something to ignore because if we ignore, the continuously degrading condition will ignore us to serve sooner or late.

If we talk in terms of money then also it is beneficial because produced waste is cheaper and after recycling or renewal it can generate considerable income. So, you can think in that way as well, ultimately the need is to cut down waste in every possible way.

Give a look at some of the potential initiatives which are not only transforming waste by giving another life to it but these initiatives are also providing a helping hand to our bright future.

  1. Precious Plastic

An initiative started by Dave Hakkens in 2013 is fully dedicated to the recycling of the plastic waste with the help of its own designed machines. The plastic waste collected from the beaches and other collection centers is transformed into bricks, jewelry, furniture, accessories, and many more useful items.

  1. No More Butts

The initiative was started by two Noida residents with the tag line “We are here to conserve our depleting environment”. The initiative collects cigarette butts from those who smoke and those who sell cigarettes. The initiative is intended to transform cigarette butts into bricks, manure, and cushions, toys, and bags stuffing among others.

  1. GPS Renewables

This was started from India in 2011, it’s a waste-to-energy technology company that is transforming food waste like a pro. The initiative is supported by the department of biotechnology, recognized by The Tech Awards 2014, Winner of Sankalp Awards at Sankalp Summit, Recognized as the most promising Indian Cleantech startup award by Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011-12, and also listed among the top 6 firms globally by International Knowledge Millennium Conference.

  1. PomPom

The PomPom was a Delhi based initiative started by Deepak Sethi and Kishore K Thakur for converting trash into cash. The initiative is telling us that it’s “Easy Being Green”.

  1. Karma Recycling Pvt Ltd.

The initiative was started with the mantra of “Save Planet, Earn Good Karma“. Karma recycling was started in Delhi in 2013. It has been founded with the philosophy to turn e-waste into useful devices. The company is particularly reusing mobile devices which are negatively impacting the environment moreover, after reuse, these devices are positively impacting the economy.

The list of the initiatives is endless, but here I have to stop so that you can start exploring the ideas to take advantage of converting trash into cash as well as to pay back to the environment. I don’t know about you, but I strongly feel for the depleting environment due to carbon footprints, greenhouse effect, and landfills full of waste.

This post is just a way to let you remind the need of the hour.

Think On It!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle initiative

“Fear of Being Judged” or “Over Thinking”

So, what kind of personality you guys are carrying?

Does it associated with the fear of being judged all the time?

Some people may call it “Over Thinking” but the question is does it?

When you are around people and thinking much about the other people’s reactions before doing anything or everything. Also, if you are thinking about the effect of your deeds on surrounded people then it is nothing but the fear of being judged or for some, it’s a kind of overthinking.

Fear of anything is something that needs to be overcome otherwise that fear will start occupying place inside you and gradually become a part of you without your concern. And we all know that our lives are interconnected with so many things like family, career, personal life, and social media life, now think! Are we open to a connection with an unwanted non-living object?

We admit it or not, but an unwanted part (fear for something) is not admired in our life, but still, we are carrying that as luggage. We all are aware of the saying “less luggage makes travel comfortable” and by the way, less luggage not only makes travel comfortable it also makes travel enjoyable at the same time and we all have experienced this in our trips right?

I am not here to tell you that “Victory is beyond fear” because you all know this very well repeating the same is not at all profitable. The need of the hour is to acknowledge the fear that we are carrying! The key which we are giving to others and allowing them to interrupt in our life…..

It’s a very genuine thing if we are doing something people are going to react in some way or other, but we have to understand this, that their reaction or response is not going to decide our future, but our deeds will surely decide our future. We should do what we are required to and surely not what people are expecting from us…

2019 Social Media Trends: Recall Session

One more year has been deducted from our lives and we have successfully celebrated the same with full energy for the start of 2020. Social Media was flooded with many of the viral trends in the year 2019 and for sure 2020 is also going to be the same because the time people are spending on social media sites is enough to spread the particular content across the global network.

  1. 10 Years Challenge

The year was started with a boom of 10 years of challenge. Everyone has participated with the years back pictures, talked about the changes in the environment and the lives dependent on it. I have also talked about the same with the hashtag of “challenge for better future” in one of my posts, and I am sure you guys have also participated in some kind or another. Likely, the maximum of us has taken resolutions for the year let’s see how we are going to deal with them.

  1. JCB ki Khudai

The “JCB ki khudai” was also a prominent one, everyone was deliberately exploring the idea about why the term is diversifying at a great extent. That JCB mems with celebrity and groom on JCB excavator on his wedding day were capturing the social media space. The idea behind the trending term was really captivating that, someone has given a statement that people are so much free that they have enough time to see a JCB excavator digging the dirt.

# Think about it?

  1. Bali hotel accessories Stealing by a Family

An Indian family has stolen hotel accessories in Bali on a family holiday trip. The checkout video of the family was trending on social media when their luggage was caught by the authority. The case has been discussed in Indian society from different angles. Some have taken it as the Indian’s habit and maybe it is true to some extent, but it doesn’t mean that every individual is same, there are people who are Indians and going out but everyone is not involved in the same, so please don’t generalize. Let’s hope, will not experience this kind of trend in 2020.   

  1. Paragliding Guy “Vipin Sahu”

Have you guys seen that video, if yes! Well and good if not! Please do watch that’s amazing. And yes listen that words “100, 200 zyada lele pr yaar land kara de”. The same guy has talked about his viral video that his parents think that their boy doesn’t use abusing words. This is very normal I guess every parent I mean most of the parents think that their child is far from abusing words, and here the Aayushisthought says this is the biggest misunderstanding of maximum parents.

# What your thought says?

  1. 1 Idli by a lady from Vadivelampalayam, Tamil Nadu

An 80-year-old granny serving people from the last 30-35 years in Tamil Nadu. The story was shared by Anand Mahindra and has also shown his interest in investing in her business. The ₹1 idli with sambhar and chutney is an example of real motherhood. The love, care, and affection of Kamalathal are unbeatable especially in this era, where everyone is participating in profit-making businesses.

  1. Ranu Mandal

I think no need for any kind of explanation you guys are very much familiar with “Aaaaa Aaaaaa Aaaaa Aaaaaa, Teri Hi Meri Hi, Teri-Meri, Teri Meri Hi Kahani”. There are no stats for hidden talents behind poverty. # Need for proper platform and appreciation for talent!

# Think about it?

  1. Abhinandan Varthaman

Indian Air Force Fighter pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman conferred the Vir Chakra gallantry award in 2019. He was caught by the Pakistan Army when his aircraft was shot down in an aerial fight and was under Pakistan Army’s custody for 60 hours. Have you guys seen that advertisement on a man depicting Wing Commander Abhinandan by Pakistani media for the 2019 Cricket World Cup? Do watch!

# Useless thinking of ad makers

  1. Article 370 Removal

The Indian government has taken a historic decision in August 2019 by removing Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir which has given special status to the state. The scrapping of Article 370 was celebrated by some people, and also trolled by some. The twitter and other social media platforms were flooded with the memes of the decision.

  1. Kid’s Dance Style

One more example of hidden talent behind poverty is the dance style of an African Kid, which went viral on social media. The dance video of the bald African kid got millions of views on YouTube in 2019.

# Need for proper platform and appreciation for talent! # Think about it?

  1. Cricket World Cup 2019

This was another trend on social media which was captivating the social media space and minds of the people across the globe. Various memes were getting viral on social media in 2019 for the cricket and the players of the world cup 2019.

# win or lose is a part of life

Wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy new year #2020