The priority of the hour: Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish

The continuously degrading environmental condition is known to all of us, but are we looking into it. The unstable weather conditions, frequent natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake, or locust attack. Everything has started right from cutting down trees, emission of harmful gases into the environment, emission of varied pollutants into natural resources, excessive useContinue reading “The priority of the hour: Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish”

A Strategic Move Towards The Better Economy

The Indian economy is heading towards a better future that will be dependent on its own production capacity in almost every industrial, commercial, and agriculture sector. The PM Modi has given a speech to the Indians on 12th May at 8:00 p.m. He has announced about the 20 lakh crore economic package to revive theContinue reading “A Strategic Move Towards The Better Economy”

Liebster Award Nominee……

All the readers are welcome, hope u guys are safe and doing well at your homes. This post is designed to continue the nomination chain of Liebster award, I am nominated by  Aditi Verma, a big thanks to her for considering me as a potential nominee. For those who are not aware of this award,Continue reading “Liebster Award Nominee……”

Corona Outbreak: A Game Changer

Corona or COVID-19, a recall session for dos and don’ts to humans, or a reminder for the required things and people to every individual. The game was started just before the beginning of 2020. People were involved in the preparation of welcoming New Year, collaterally a game-changing situation was blossoming i.e. COVID-19 from a partContinue reading “Corona Outbreak: A Game Changer”

Need of the Hour: Environmental Protection

A new decade is here with the chance to dedicate yourself to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R) initiative for a better future with a protective environment. The deteriorating environment is heading towards the black future of us and our generation. Very soon we’ll be left with the polluted air, water, soil and everything which isContinue reading “Need of the Hour: Environmental Protection”

“Fear of Being Judged” or “Over Thinking”

So, what kind of personality you guys are carrying? Does it associated with the fear of being judged all the time? Some people may call it “Over Thinking” but the question is does it? When you are around people and thinking much about the other people’s reactions before doing anything or everything. Also, if youContinue reading ““Fear of Being Judged” or “Over Thinking””

2019 Social Media Trends: Recall Session

One more year has been deducted from our lives and we have successfully celebrated the same with full energy for the start of 2020. Social Media was flooded with many of the viral trends in the year 2019 and for sure 2020 is also going to be the same because the time people are spendingContinue reading “2019 Social Media Trends: Recall Session”

Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship

I am always confused to define our relationship in terms of feelings, understandings, and bonding. People always ask about the same, and I always deliver a very random answer to them, even I am confused at the time of attempting the question. Actually, the situation is, I never feel like to define our relation, bonding,Continue reading “Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship”

Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace

Hey, if you are Physics lover then let’s start with the new version of your physics concept, And if you are not then please don’t fear from the aforementioned physics terminology, we are going to talk about constant speed in terms of life.  So, let’s get started. Life! The word, which lets you start thinkingContinue reading “Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace”