Break Your Own Records Otherwise The Records Will Break You

A target cannot be achieved in a blink. You have to work very hard and constantly for the same. There are things that can distract you from the goal, there are things which can attract you towards them, but here you have to stick with the same if you truly love the decided goal. The idea behind the success of your goal is, just do it from every right angle, or just leave it, if you are unsatisfied with the idea or have any kind of doubt, but do remember don’t get stuck to the level, which can destroy your mental health.

The world is very diverse and the opportunities available are also abundant, but the need is to find the right fit for yourself. An individual can grow every single day, minute and second. Sequentially, the idea of deciding goals on a daily basis and putting efforts to achieve them is the halfway of breaking your own record.

Now the time is to understand the importance of breaking records and also the reason, why we are talking about the same.

So, the record-breaking is important because you only stay in the process of improvisation when you are continuously breaking your prior records… hope you guys agree, right?

Our reason behind this discussion is continuously breaking environmental records…

According to the estimates of health effects organization, air pollution contributed to approx. 5 million death globally in 2017 and reduces life expectancy to 1 year and 8 months worldwide. Furthermore, according to another estimate of global waste management conference, the world cities have generated 1.3 billion tonnes of waste annually and Asia accountable for 1 million per day as per the estimates.

I don’t know you guys know or not, but the recent opening of a FIRST Oxygen bar in Delhi is not at all a good record-breaking news for Indian environment. This innovation is indicating environmental deterioration. And this all is happening because of continuously record-breaking practices in terms of daily living, where we are not at all bothering about the disposal of waste, usage of unhygienic products, wastage of natural resources, overuse of valuables, contamination of water bodies and many more. As a result of all these, now you are required to buy the oxygen… isn’t it funny if you look some years back? But for now, it’s very casual news for Delhi and very soon it will be more casual news for the whole country (India) if we move at the same pace towards the record-breaking environmental deterioration.

Can we just hold and start thinking about the reverse environmental record-breaking process?

Recently an initiative started in Delhi termed as “leave your car behind” by a ride-hailing company. We can easily figure out that this is happing to take advantage of the environmental conditions by multinational companies.

But, can we take this kind of initiative for ourselves for environmental wellness? 

There are individual initiatives which are helping not only our society but our environment as well like proper handling of e-waste, unwanted belongings (clothes, stationery, furniture, footwear, bags, and others) donations, renewal of sea waste plastic (Note: some water bodies are source of oxygen), tree plantation and many more. Just figure them out and set your own goals that can not only save the environment but our future as well.

Hey, wait! Just think about it… What your elders have left for you and what you are planning to leave behind for your next generations?

Are you planning to provide them contaminated air, water, and soil…? Or planning to leave containers of oxygen cans and that too with flavors.  

Think On It!!!

Reduce Reuse Recycle!!!

I hope you guys able to connect the points, if yes, then please like, comment, share and follow.


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