Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace

Hey, if you are Physics lover then let’s start with the new version of your physics concept, And if you are not then please don’t fear from the aforementioned physics terminology, we are going to talk about constant speed in terms of life.  So, let’s get started.

Life! The word, which lets you start thinking by listening only. The word, which has the power to let you lost in it, for a couple of minutes.

Even these couple of words are also not able to define life. Instead, the story itself starts from these. I am sure, you all are very much aware of the story of the rabbit and tortoise race. How the one who was slow won the race?

Life is not about speed, you cannot see the things in front of you right after dreaming about that. You have to be patient, assertive, hardworking and positive towards your likings and goals. You are pretty aware of the recent success of Chandrayaan-2 by India, does it was a result of fast pace? Of course not.

Yes, one example is here which can contradict the point “have a constant speed and move with grace”, and that example is Faceapp, haha…. This is the thing which can make your dream true in a blink if you want to see your old age look, you are there with it. But, the reality is not that easy, u have to wait with the patience.

So, what you can do is, just seat and hold your back, see the things, make a clear goal and move towards it with the grace, and yes don’t forget to have a constant speed which is able to provide you energy for accomplishing the goal.

Now the question is, how constant speed can provide energy?

Let’s consider running, a simple example for more clear understanding. Run for a kilometer, if you change the speed frequently you start breathing faster, and at the same time if you run with the same speed you can cover the distance easily without any sudden changes in breathing. So, here we got the source of energy at a constant speed.

I am repeating the focus “Have a constant speed and move with grace”

You have a beautiful life, which needs care for being the same. Don’t spoil it in any kind of hurry, just enjoy it, believe it and live it to the fullest.

I hope you guys like the topic…..

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