I am Aayushi Dogane Post Graduate in Marketing Management with experience in corporate market research. I am very excited to learn about the environment and its offerings and always want to keep it safe & clean as it was years before. This is the high time to stand for and talk about the continuously degrading environment condition and excessive use of resources due to human activities. The need to understand the importance of environment and proper utilization of its resources is necessary for us and for future generations as well. The idea of aayushi’s thought hits into my mind when I come across the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, or Refurbish and the journey started with this platform.

What you will get from aayushi’s thought?

The aayushi’s thought is intended to provide information about the environment and associated global initiatives, government support, NGOs, start-ups, businesses, and other individual initiatives. The scope is likely to cover the researches about the environmental waste, case studies and press releases in the field.

Why you should visit aayushi’s thought?

• If you want to live in a clean and pollution free environment.
• If you want to provide a clean environment for our future generation
• If you are enthusiastic about the 4R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Refurbish)
• If you care about the mother earth
• Most importantly, if you want to convert the trash into the cash and willing to manage available resources efficiently

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