2019 Social Media Trends: Recall Session

One more year has been deducted from our lives and we have successfully celebrated the same with full energy for the start of 2020. Social Media was flooded with many of the viral trends in the year 2019 and for sure 2020 is also going to be the same because the time people are spending on social media sites is enough to spread the particular content across the global network.

  1. 10 Years Challenge

The year was started with a boom of 10 years of challenge. Everyone has participated with the years back pictures, talked about the changes in the environment and the lives dependent on it. I have also talked about the same with the hashtag of “challenge for better future” in one of my posts, and I am sure you guys have also participated in some kind or another. Likely, the maximum of us has taken resolutions for the year let’s see how we are going to deal with them.

  1. JCB ki Khudai

The “JCB ki khudai” was also a prominent one, everyone was deliberately exploring the idea about why the term is diversifying at a great extent. That JCB mems with celebrity and groom on JCB excavator on his wedding day were capturing the social media space. The idea behind the trending term was really captivating that, someone has given a statement that people are so much free that they have enough time to see a JCB excavator digging the dirt.

# Think about it?

  1. Bali hotel accessories Stealing by a Family

An Indian family has stolen hotel accessories in Bali on a family holiday trip. The checkout video of the family was trending on social media when their luggage was caught by the authority. The case has been discussed in Indian society from different angles. Some have taken it as the Indian’s habit and maybe it is true to some extent, but it doesn’t mean that every individual is same, there are people who are Indians and going out but everyone is not involved in the same, so please don’t generalize. Let’s hope, will not experience this kind of trend in 2020.   

  1. Paragliding Guy “Vipin Sahu”

Have you guys seen that video, if yes! Well and good if not! Please do watch that’s amazing. And yes listen that words “100, 200 zyada lele pr yaar land kara de”. The same guy has talked about his viral video that his parents think that their boy doesn’t use abusing words. This is very normal I guess every parent I mean most of the parents think that their child is far from abusing words, and here the Aayushisthought says this is the biggest misunderstanding of maximum parents.

# What your thought says?

  1. 1 Idli by a lady from Vadivelampalayam, Tamil Nadu

An 80-year-old granny serving people from the last 30-35 years in Tamil Nadu. The story was shared by Anand Mahindra and has also shown his interest in investing in her business. The ₹1 idli with sambhar and chutney is an example of real motherhood. The love, care, and affection of Kamalathal are unbeatable especially in this era, where everyone is participating in profit-making businesses.

  1. Ranu Mandal

I think no need for any kind of explanation you guys are very much familiar with “Aaaaa Aaaaaa Aaaaa Aaaaaa, Teri Hi Meri Hi, Teri-Meri, Teri Meri Hi Kahani”. There are no stats for hidden talents behind poverty. # Need for proper platform and appreciation for talent!

# Think about it?

  1. Abhinandan Varthaman

Indian Air Force Fighter pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman conferred the Vir Chakra gallantry award in 2019. He was caught by the Pakistan Army when his aircraft was shot down in an aerial fight and was under Pakistan Army’s custody for 60 hours. Have you guys seen that advertisement on a man depicting Wing Commander Abhinandan by Pakistani media for the 2019 Cricket World Cup? Do watch!

# Useless thinking of ad makers

  1. Article 370 Removal

The Indian government has taken a historic decision in August 2019 by removing Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir which has given special status to the state. The scrapping of Article 370 was celebrated by some people, and also trolled by some. The twitter and other social media platforms were flooded with the memes of the decision.

  1. Kid’s Dance Style

One more example of hidden talent behind poverty is the dance style of an African Kid, which went viral on social media. The dance video of the bald African kid got millions of views on YouTube in 2019.

# Need for proper platform and appreciation for talent! # Think about it?

  1. Cricket World Cup 2019

This was another trend on social media which was captivating the social media space and minds of the people across the globe. Various memes were getting viral on social media in 2019 for the cricket and the players of the world cup 2019.

# win or lose is a part of life

Wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy new year #2020


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