“Fear of Being Judged” or “Over Thinking”

So, what kind of personality you guys are carrying?

Does it associated with the fear of being judged all the time?

Some people may call it “Over Thinking” but the question is does it?

When you are around people and thinking much about the other people’s reactions before doing anything or everything. Also, if you are thinking about the effect of your deeds on surrounded people then it is nothing but the fear of being judged or for some, it’s a kind of overthinking.

Fear of anything is something that needs to be overcome otherwise that fear will start occupying place inside you and gradually become a part of you without your concern. And we all know that our lives are interconnected with so many things like family, career, personal life, and social media life, now think! Are we open to a connection with an unwanted non-living object?

We admit it or not, but an unwanted part (fear for something) is not admired in our life, but still, we are carrying that as luggage. We all are aware of the saying “less luggage makes travel comfortable” and by the way, less luggage not only makes travel comfortable it also makes travel enjoyable at the same time and we all have experienced this in our trips right?

I am not here to tell you that “Victory is beyond fear” because you all know this very well repeating the same is not at all profitable. The need of the hour is to acknowledge the fear that we are carrying! The key which we are giving to others and allowing them to interrupt in our life…..

It’s a very genuine thing if we are doing something people are going to react in some way or other, but we have to understand this, that their reaction or response is not going to decide our future, but our deeds will surely decide our future. We should do what we are required to and surely not what people are expecting from us…


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I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

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