Influencing or we can say interfering forces of our decision making process

Our life is an outcome of our own decisions and situations that influenced us or forced us to be so. It’s a known fact that we are the result of our experience from reading watching and listening. In the same way, our decision-making process is the result of influencing and interfering forces.

It’s a combined game between your situations and your decisions where heart and mind are the joysticks of this game.

Both are directly proportional to each other. If your situation is good then your decisions get the praise or if you are in a bad situation then also your decisions get the blame for that.

If you make good decisions the result will be a good situation and vice versa if you take wrong decisions then the ultimate result will be a bad situation.

We all have many examples in our life for the same and even daily life examples are also there:

We all have set New Year resolutions on the first day of January, and rest we all know very well. This is also known to us that what will be the result if we follow the things as we have set. And nothing gets happen like that because of that combination of situation and decisions. These two start their combined game and we stuck into that and distract ourselves from the defined resolutions.

I know you all have many other examples like that, but yes the one I have in common with all and it is a future decision.

We all think about our future goals, for that we make plans and execute them, and here the main part starts which is execution where we have to make certain decisions based on our situations. So here is also we can see the combined game of both decision and situation. These situations have the power of molding our careers in their direction, and that direction is also defined by them only.

Exceptional Cases

This directly proportional type of behavior sometimes behaves in an adverse way. And that termed as exceptional cases where good situations lead to wrong decisions vice versa.

This we can observe in the persons who have power or money. Mostly we have seen their good situation is the origin of common man’s problems. Their good situations are the influencer or the initiator of the wrong decisions which harm others.

This is something that I personally think about this topic if you have any other examples or ideas to update my knowledge then please comment it in the comment box or mail me.

I hope you enjoy reading this, thank you for giving your time.

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I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

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