Combination of Rural life with Urban Life

Urban life is like a treasure for a person living in a village. It’s not a difference between Rural and Urban life living standard but it’s a matter of perception and income as well. People living in village only have an option of farming for earning money for their spending’s and on the other hand, urban people have many options for earning money from full time to part-time as well.

Actual Image of the Rural Life

It’s not like that the villagers are not working hard but they are not aware of the technological inventions which help them do the same work in less time with more return. They are following the predefined paths of their ancestors. Only a few people are aware of it but then also they are not using them in an exact way as it should because using the technical things require awareness and knowledge of it and that comes from education, which is very rare in rural areas. So what changing now is, villagers are sending their child in urban areas for education.

There are two types of intentions in sending their child for education:

1) Their child will come and help them in farming with new techniques and their land area will increase and income too.

2) Their children will make their own careers and grow in their life.

A new story start when rural lives combine with urban life before that, just think about the one who first moves out of the village and sees the life of a city, for him, it’s a full change. There are two results in every change and those are win or loss. The same thing happen in this case also.

The person can adopt the urban culture in two ways either in the right way or in wrong.

Those who are focused on their career and family definitely they are going to choose the right way no matter what the situation is. And those who are here only for fun or on others force and wish no one can say what path they are going to choose, and even we can say that they are likely to choose the wrongs ways.

They face difficulties in dealing with the people, involving themselves in the lifestyle of urban people. And the most important thing the type of company they get. There is a known saying in Hindi “Jaise Sangat waise rangat,” the same thing happens with them too. If they make good friends, then they learn good things and vice versa.

An urge to try every new thing

Very known things happen with all who migrate from one place to another, the same happens with the villagers who move to the city from the village. They want to try each and everything which they haven’t got in village. Like: Visiting places, Shopping Malls, Pubs& Bars, Restaurants, Food as well as ready-made outlets and many more for that a sudden jerk they face in their monthly budget for that they may borrow money from others, tell lie to their parents or can try to earn money from any of the means. These are very common things that happen with every individual, not a personal issue.

In Hindi, a known saying is “Ati kisi bhi chiz ki acchi nhi hoti” or excess amount of everything is always dangerous. So for a trial, everything is right, but if you make them your habit then things go wrong. So the only thing is, do the things in your limits.

I have tried to cover most of the points which happen in real life with the village migrates. I hope you able to connect the dots.

This was a recommended topic, hope the one for whom it was written have like the thoughts and can able to relate the points.

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