For Contraception FDA approved an app

The app has been approved but the question is will it work?

The mobile fertility app won FDA marketing approval. And the app becomes the first-ever digital contraceptive app to win this.

The app has highlighting two major points:

  • A natural method of contraception which is powered by a smart algorithm and
  • Calling it as “The idea of empowering women”

The app is enabling women to track their menstrual cycle with the use of an algorithm to determine when they need to use birth control protection for their fertility period.

Natural Cycles is the first app that is approved by the government to prevent pregnancy.

The raised worldwide investment is $1 billion in the past three years.

Working of the Natural Cycles app

The app works by calculating the information of menstrual cycles and the basal temperature entered by the women. Entered information gets to know when the women most likely to be fertile. The given method refers to a fertility awareness-based method. The given method identifies the days of fertility as per menstrual cycle.

Women have to measure temperature in the morning after waking up using a basal thermometer. The app comes with a thermometer that costs $79.99 annually.

In a study, more than 15,500 women were examined for contraception. Women were those who used the app for an average of eight months.

Women who used the app perfectly as directed only 1.8 from them get pregnant, which termed as failure rate according to the FDA. And the app has a failure rate of 6.5 percent for the women who didn’t use the app as directed or committed unprotected sex on the fertile days.

Acuna said “It helps fill a vacuum in the world of natural contraception.”

“Natural Cycle was a little more exciting in that it tracks both menstrual calendars and basal body temperature.” Laura MacIsaac, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Maount Sinai said.

Personal view

Look at the technology up-gradation, this are the inventions that were not easily available for the women in the past and they have faced many health, sexual and mental problems in that period. These are blessings of science for human beings. And I personally welcome this kind of invention for the welfare of women.

Thank you for giving your precious time and I hope its informative for you.


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