The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear

We are surviving in a society where people’s views and comments are more important than an individual’s aspirations and dreams.

Right from birth till death we are spending our life for others. I know there are people who have their own views and perception which are going to contradict with mine but I have points to prove my saying.

  1. Still, there are people who think a girl child is the end of their family presence as a boy is going to give “warish” or what they call “Ghar ka Chirag” for the survival of their family in coming future. Because of the fear of their family vanishing in the future, they are in the belief that boy child is the green card for the presence of their family.
  2. There are people who want their child to be brilliant in studies because they think that education is the only key for their bright future, but reality is that there are many other fields in which they are interested and can make their career, but the parents are not aware of it and not understand that their hobbies and interests are also able to frame their career. And this fear of their child’s future put them in a strong belief that education is the only way of a bright future.
  3. These are not only the case there are many other examples like, for getting jobs today’s youth follow the path which is predefined by someone for the particular outcome. And for the fear of getting a job they have a firm belief that a defined path is the only way for getting the job.
  4. Parents think marriage is the only option for a complete and happy life but as above mentioned cases this is not the only option there are people whose life partner can’t live further with them after marriage because of somewhat reasons, still they are living without their partners and also there are people who can’t able to give birth to their own child still they are living with adopted or orphan child. So a strong belief in marriage is a clear indication of fear for a lack of complete and happy life.
  5. One more example I want to share, Gymers they are the firm believers of Gyming as they think, this is the only way of a healthy body, ohh wait if this is the only way of getting a healthy body then what yoga or “Pranayam” is doing. This belief is the fear of losing personality, people’s attention and health.

I am closing it with above 5 examples, I know you people also have other related examples for the topic “The Constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear,” please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.

This one is also a recommended topic from one of the readers. Thank you for giving me such a quality topic for writing, hope you like my thoughts.


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