Photography is the term which is used for capturing the real visible moments in the form of hard copy or soft copy instead of memories only for the mind. The word “photography” has the Greek roots with the addition of two different words in a single word which are photos and graphe which means “representationContinue reading “Photography”

Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics

Politics is a word that was once used for the benevolence and wellbeing of the people, but now it’s only a platform of money-making and competition. There was a time when people think if a person in politics then he or she has the purpose of social service and wellbeing of the society and countryContinue reading “Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics”

How to become better writer?

No one can define any specific method or process for becoming a better writer until or unless u wanted to be so. And if you want to be so everything is done, just keep your fingers on the keyboard and start. And yes, I am saying a keyboard because the time for the pen, pencilContinue reading “How to become better writer?”

Consciously unconscious state of mind: Subconscious Mind

The human body is fully controlled by its mind, whether it’s emotional or physical movement. The mind is the only thing that is responsible for the survival of the human being. There are points when people say animals don’t have a mind. Now the point is do human beings have a mind? Some say “YES”Continue reading “Consciously unconscious state of mind: Subconscious Mind”

The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear

We are surviving in a society where people’s views and comments are more important than an individual’s aspirations and dreams. Right from birth till death we are spending our life for others. I know there are people who have their own views and perception which are going to contradict with mine but I have pointsContinue reading “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear”