World of Cartoon: An Evergreen Medium of Entertainment

A grown-up child always thinks “It’s good to be a child always,” but unfortunately this can’t happen and the reason is the rule of supreme power. We always wonder about our own childhood when kids play in the ground, doing their homework, telling the story of the day spent in school and very important when they are watching the cartoon. When they start watching a cartoon on TV our first five minutes gone in scolding them and then the real game start when we start enjoying cartoon and forget that some minutes before we are bothering and scolding them so that they can change the channel. This gets happen every time when someone watching a cartoon in front of us. The cartoon is an evergreen medium of entertainment by its nature of unlimited humor and nonsense having its own sense.

Laughing is always good medicine to cure all diseases.  

As by seeing smiling faces in Cartoon, persons start smiling. And that boosts up the mood and let them forget all tensions and stress of the day, which please them and they enjoy watching it.

We even start laughing when we are discussing the cartoon characters then it is very obvious what happens when we are watching.

Just think about Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and many more they all are famous for their work and characters. They have their own identity which never can be forgotten.

Cartoon Vs Other Comedy Serial

The alternative for the cartoon in the only cartoon, what we accept from a comedy show is humor and lots of laughs and what we are getting from present shows is promotion and advertisement for other brands. Someone promoting other top brands for making themselves a brand, some are copying other’s talent to make us laugh and some are humiliating others for uplifting themselves. This is what comedy means today.

What real comedy is?

Comedy is not about promoting yourself or others, demeaning or misleading others it’s a talent and skill which turns your sense of humor into other’s happiness without seeing or calculating your loss or gain in it. Yup this is also true that if you are good at something then do it for free, but if you are good at something and using it for others loss or playing with other emotions then this type of behavior is not at all included in comedy, that can please other for some period of time but not for every time or anytime.

The cartoon is having that flavor, which can make you laugh without considering yours or its own demographic factors. What its ultimate goal is to explore happiness and uncountable smiling face.

Explore Happiness…………

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