4 proven categories are not enough to define a human being in our society

There are crore types of living beings in our society, from all of them human being is one of the types. Basically, four categories of human beings are introduced by god. (We can say the power which is responsible for lives on earth “The Supreme Power”)

And these categories are:

1) Men

2) Women

3) Transgender

4) Bisexual

This is it according to my knowledge. I am saying “my knowledge” because there are people who have their own particular knowledge which always wants to defend others no matter what it is.

The mentioned categories are on the basis of scientific proofs but according to human beings and their beliefs, there are a lot more categories.

There is not only the religion Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian which divide human beings there is one more type which divides, that is mentality and perception. On this basis, you can find more than the previous four categories in society.

Rape cases

If we talk about rape cases, there are people who say the girl was wrong and others who can understand the criminal mind is the reason for the rape, not the victim girl.

Girl Child discrimination

Let’s talk about the couple who has just conceived a child and on the very next moment, they start thinking about the gender of the child. There is nothing wrong with dreaming for your child, but the division starts when they start thinking we don’t want girl child just because of their misconception that boy is going be the “Ghar ka Chirag.”

Yoga People vs Gym People

There are people who think appearance is the sign of a healthy body. Like for girls, they think slim is the sign of a healthy body and for a boy’s muscular body is the sign of a healthy body. For a healthy body, some prefer yoga and some prefer the gym.

Let’s consider some common facts of uncommon people

A category of people who think about others more than their own self, this kind of person is like so-called well-wishers who think about you more than yourself.

Let me say these kinds of people are very free or maybe they are in the stage of self-actualization because of their misconception where they think they have achieved everything in their lives now what left for them is, “your life” for which they start working. They are always watching on you what you are doing what you are not doing. This is not it for them even they decide on their own self what you have to do or whatnot. One minute after that, they think about the solutions also. Hats-off type of job they are doing for you and at zero cost like “Free Free Free”

Saint Kabir Das has said a very perfect line for them “Bura jo dekhan mai chala, bura na miliya koi! jo dil khoja aapna, to mujhse bura na koi.”

But for them, things are not like that, according to these kinds of people they are doing social service for us. Because we don’t know what we should do they are the one who wants to guide us because as mentioned above they have achieved the level of self-actualization where they have done with all. Now they have a bunch of knowledge for guiding us.

The level of confidence has reached 100% and of course, it should happen because they have gone through with all levels of Maslow’s theory of motivation and they are fully motivated now.

There are many other kinds of people rather than this which I have mentioned. And I am sure you people have also observed the above-mentioned types.

Do share your observations for the same or for any special kind of people that you have seen.

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I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

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