Kerala Flood in August

Just think about the moment, when the persons living in Kerala First lost their home then the things which they have gathered and very important their loved one.

For instance, you have spent your years in collecting school certificates, you have decorated each and everything with your hands, the home in which you have spent your days and months and that all get lost in the water. Now what left is only you who can hardly found his or her family member or any of the lost thing in the water.

It’s a new beginning

This is not the end the struggle and your exam start now. Question is will you able to make the same as you have before or you have to leave a very different life which will be an opposite part of the prior one. They have to start everything from the very beginning. For helping them to rebuild their own life and Kerala also many political parties, celebrities, NGOs and common man are coming forward.


Some of them are Cristiano Ronaldo whose Rs77 crore donation was getting viral on the social media. Virat Kohli, Indian Government (PM modi) not only individual Organization like Goonj are also helping them with Food cloth and other basic requirements. This was the rarest flood of last 100 years in the history of India.

Digital Media is also helping a lot so that people can easily donate online to Kerala government. For example you have separate options in Tez, Paytm and in many other applications for donation.

You can also send your used or old material which can be reused. Through many social service organizations or we can call NGOs. Being Human it’s our responsibility to help others those are in critical situation.

Everything has its positive and negative points

Same thing happen with this also there are cases where ending or disasters have a new beginning of more interesting chapters.

I have read this somewhere that flood is the new birth of barren land where the barren land get fertile again and this is not only the case there are structures which were going on the wrong path in the past now they all have to lost in the water. Some bad things also have to go with the flood. And some good things have to come back.

Wish it could be a comeback of more good things in the life of all persons who have suffered from this disaster.

It’s a rule of God that, after a dark night a beautiful morning is waiting for you.

Do share your suggestion, recommendations and thoughts.

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