Upcycle or Recycle: Which one is the most environment friendly?

The environment is degrading at a rapid pace where the primary need is waste management, so upcycle or recycle both are welcome, but if you look at the bigger image Upcycling is better than Recycling in terms of resource management especially.

A Strategic Move Towards The Better Economy

The Indian economy is heading towards a better future that will be dependent on its own production capacity in almost every industrial, commercial, and agriculture sector. The PM Modi has given a speech to the Indians on 12th May at 8:00 p.m. He has announced about the 20 lakh crore economic package to revive theContinue reading “A Strategic Move Towards The Better Economy”

Current youth of India are confident or confused?

If we talk about the current youth, the things which come in our mind are: Mobile phones Internet/Wi-Fi Social Media Brands Shortcuts Money Competition Comfort Above mentioned all entities are the part of the current youth.  These are the diversion because they think about all the above things, instead of a career. Confidence and confusionContinue reading “Current youth of India are confident or confused?”