World of Cartoon: An Evergreen Medium of Entertainment

A grown-up child always thinks “It’s good to be a child always,” but unfortunately this can’t happen and the reason is the rule of supreme power. We always wonder about our own childhood when kids play in the ground, doing their homework, telling the story of the day spent in school and very important when they are watching the cartoon. When they start watching a cartoon on TV our first five minutes gone in scolding them and then the real game start when we start enjoying cartoon and forget that some minutes before we are bothering and scolding them so that they can change the channel. This gets happen every time when someone watching a cartoon in front of us. The cartoon is an evergreen medium of entertainment by its nature of unlimited humor and nonsense having its own sense.

Laughing is always good medicine to cure all diseases.  

As by seeing smiling faces in Cartoon, persons start smiling. And that boosts up the mood and let them forget all tensions and stress of the day, which please them and they enjoy watching it.

We even start laughing when we are discussing the cartoon characters then it is very obvious what happens when we are watching.

Just think about Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and many more they all are famous for their work and characters. They have their own identity which never can be forgotten.

Cartoon Vs Other Comedy Serial

The alternative for the cartoon in the only cartoon, what we accept from a comedy show is humor and lots of laughs and what we are getting from present shows is promotion and advertisement for other brands. Someone promoting other top brands for making themselves a brand, some are copying other’s talent to make us laugh and some are humiliating others for uplifting themselves. This is what comedy means today.

What real comedy is?

Comedy is not about promoting yourself or others, demeaning or misleading others it’s a talent and skill which turns your sense of humor into other’s happiness without seeing or calculating your loss or gain in it. Yup this is also true that if you are good at something then do it for free, but if you are good at something and using it for others loss or playing with other emotions then this type of behavior is not at all included in comedy, that can please other for some period of time but not for every time or anytime.

The cartoon is having that flavor, which can make you laugh without considering yours or its own demographic factors. What its ultimate goal is to explore happiness and uncountable smiling face.

Explore Happiness…………


The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear

We are surviving in a society where people’s views and comments are more important than an individual’s aspirations and dreams.

Right from birth till death we are spending our life for others. I know there are people who have their own views and perception which are going to contradict with mine but I have points to prove my saying.

  1. Still, there are people who think a girl child is the end of their family presence as a boy is going to give “warish” or what they call “Ghar ka Chirag” for the survival of their family in coming future. Because of the fear of their family vanishing in the future, they are in the belief that boy child is the green card for the presence of their family.
  2. There are people who want their child to be brilliant in studies because they think that education is the only key for their bright future, but reality is that there are many other fields in which they are interested and can make their career, but the parents are not aware of it and not understand that their hobbies and interests are also able to frame their career. And this fear of their child’s future put them in a strong belief that education is the only way of a bright future.
  3. These are not only the case there are many other examples like, for getting jobs today’s youth follow the path which is predefined by someone for the particular outcome. And for the fear of getting a job they have a firm belief that a defined path is the only way for getting the job.
  4. Parents think marriage is the only option for a complete and happy life but as above mentioned cases this is not the only option there are people whose life partner can’t live further with them after marriage because of somewhat reasons, still they are living without their partners and also there are people who can’t able to give birth to their own child still they are living with adopted or orphan child. So a strong belief in marriage is a clear indication of fear for a lack of complete and happy life.
  5. One more example I want to share, Gymers they are the firm believers of Gyming as they think, this is the only way of a healthy body, ohh wait if this is the only way of getting a healthy body then what yoga or “Pranayam” is doing. This belief is the fear of losing personality, people’s attention and health.

I am closing it with above 5 examples, I know you people also have other related examples for the topic “The Constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear,” please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.

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Google Income Sources: World’s Largest Search Engine

Google is the largest search engine as we all are very much aware of it, and we mostly wonder how Google earns money while working on it. At the end of this article you all will not wonder any more that how Google earns money or what are the Google income sources.

Most of the Google services are of no direct monetary price and that is the thing which delights us. The first and the most important source of income for Google is business advertising, which consists of two complementary advertising programs, AdWords and AdSense.

If we talk in terms of percentage then approx. 97% of Google income is generated from the advertisements and rest from its own services.

Advertising Revenues

AdWords: Advertisements which comes on the search result pages of Google and its partner websites while searching for any term, this are based on auction-based advertising programs.

AdSense: A program that Google offers to partners and other publishers who place AdWords ads on their own websites.

Google also offers brand advertising that promotes advertisers’ products and services through texts, images, videos and interactive ads that run on distinct Google platforms.

Non-advertising revenues

Google non-advertising source of income are its products such as Google Pay, it’s an online store of apps, movies, and music, Chrome and Chrome OS devices.

Geographical Segmentation

Approx. half of the Google income source is USA. International income sources for the company are increasing because of rapid penetration of multi-device internet around the globe.

Cost Structure

Google’s Cost break down in four components:

  1. Cost of revenues
  2. Research and Development (R&D)
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Administrative expenses

Cost of revenue includes Traffic Acquisition Costs (TAC), Content acquisition costs, expenses associated with the operation of its data centres, and inventory costs for hardware etc.

R&D expenditure includes compensation for the company employees. With an increasing focus on R&D to further expand the product offerings that expense is expected to grow.

Google also has a huge Sales and marketing team. Its sales and marketing expenses accounted for 12% of the company’s overall expenses, and are expected to increase because of rising competition in search engine business.

Network Marketing: A known source of fast income

Network marketing also known as Multilevel Marketing (MLM), is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible business. Network marketing is also known as Pyramid selling and referral marketing. It’s a kind of mouth publishing where the product sell depends on people recommendation.

Network marketing network compensates participants primarily for recruiting others rather than for selling the company’s product or services. A network marketing system in which most of the revenue comes from recruitment may be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

Network marketing programs aren’t defined as franchises under state and federal franchise laws, you’ll need to do your own investigation before investing any money. It is restricted or banned in several countries due to its history as a vehicle for consumer fraud.

 Let’s take an example for network marketing:

An ABC Company with XYZ product planning to sell its product via network marketing, the customers or the persons which we normally call are business partners in case of Network marketing. As the concept is, the one with whom they are dealing are going to deal with others for their product, so with that concept they become business partners and get reward according to the sell done by them. And it becomes a network of one to many. Where one person is connected to many persons and it becomes pyramid of the company.

How to succeed in Network Marketing  

As the profession appeals to many people because they can be their own boss, set their own hours, and work towards their own success. It is a big commitment, but network marketing can be a very lucrative career.

There are three parts of network marketing:

  1. Finding the Right Company
  2. Starting at a Company
  3. Building Your Business
  • Finding the Right Company

The things which you have to keep in mind while finding the Right Company are:

  • Investigate companies
  • Look up CEO’s and other company leaders
  • Investigate the products or service the company sells
  • Question your recruiter
  • Read your contract carefully
  • Watch for red flags
  • Draw up a business plan


  • Starting of a Company

If you are planning to start a company then you have to consider many things because it is ultimately going to affect your financial condition.

  • Choose the right mentor
  • Study your products and know them well
  • Attend company meetings and training cells
  • Build new leads
  • Follow up with all leads


  • Building Your Business

I you are going to build up your network then there are many things which you have to keep in mind.

  • Recruit new members
  • Mentor your recruits effectively
  • Give your team members good commissions
  • Consult professionals about your business

Some key points in above methods:

Red Flag:

  • The company makes more money by selling products to distributors then to the public.
  • The company’s recruiter makes more money if you sign on.
  • The company promises you that you’ll make a lot of money.
  • The company’s products are not backed by scientist research.

Responsibility of a mentor:

  • To funnel new leads for you.
  • To meet with you face to face at least once a year.
  • To coach you through the early stages of your career.
  • To sign your paychecks.

Key Suggestion:

Just like you were recruited to a network marketing company, you’ll need to recruit new members to your team if you want to be successful. Look for people who are personable and team oriented, as they will make valuable addition to your team.

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Interaction With The Growing Child

Small children are like raw material which is going to be a finished good one day, and it all depends on us how we want it, for whom we want it, what work we want from it. There are kinds of people lives in a society, some are happy in others happiness, some want dilemmas in others life for making their own self happy, some are like unhappy always with the life, people, surrounding or situation they always complain about the things, never get satisfied. These types of people are those, who once have faced difficulties, rejection, partiality, scarcity, and similar kinds of negative things in their life. Let’s compare it with the manufacturing of products from raw material.

First, we have to prepare that raw material in the form that can be used for making our desired product by applying some experiments and methods, similarly, we have to give a particular surrounding and conditions in which our child will start behaving and thinking in the way which we want them to.

Second, now design all individual parts of the final product by applying forces, talent, manpower, technology and time. In the same way, we have to interact with the growing child also, we should manage his or her friend circle, school life, hobbies, skills, and home environment.

Third, now we have to assemble that all individual parts for making them one as every individual part is not at all useful no matter if they are brilliant on their own but they are not useful if not work or combine together. Likewise here is the time for the child to manage his/her life events on its own, now the question is: what is our role in this situation, as this thing has to be done by own. But the thing is now is the crucial role which we have to play by helping them assembling all their dispersed parts of life on their own.

Finally, we have a desired finished product.

Now, these finished products are of types that we have mentioned in the first paragraph. All get started with the first stage what type of surrounding they get, and the people with whom they interact.

For that, it’s suggested always deal with a smiley face and in a kind nature with a child whom you meet, because the smile is a healing treatment of every problem, it creates a sense of happiness, beauty, togetherness, calmness, and peace of mind. This lets a child should create a positive image of the world and ultimately he/she want others and their own self happy and that behavior will wash out the concept of negative thoughts, conflicts, and crime at a considerable level.

So Smile when you meet a child.

Make your own self happy and let others being so.

I wish you all a happy life…….

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Word Catch parody for Music lovers

As lyrics are the soul of music for the music lovers who listen to songs on the daily basis of their mood like happy, sad, lonely, exotic or romantic. No matter what the era is whether you are in the early ’90s or in the present one, you just want to listen to a melodious voice with pleasant wordings that give you peace in every type of mood and that magic is done by the lyrics writer.

So, here we are going to start a small parody of songs which mostly focused on the words, here we go…..

Every bold word is a common link between the songs which make a chain of old and new songs in a bunch.

1)  Chada jo mujhpe suroor hai, Asar tera yeh zaroor hai, Teri nazr ka kasoor hai yeh, Dilber Dilber Dilber

Movie: Satyamev Jayte (2018)

2)  Dilber mere kab tk muze, ayese hi tadpaaoge,

mai aag dil mein lgaa doonga wo, ke pal mein pighal jaaoge

Sochoge jab mere bare mai tanahaeeyon me

Gheer jaoge aur bhi meri  parachhaeeyon mein

Dil Machal jaayegaa , pyaar ho jaayegaa

Movie: Satte pe Satta (1982)

3)  Is pyaar se meri taraf na dekho, pyaar ho jaayegaa

Yeh pyaar ho gya tho teer dil ke paar ho jaayegaa

Do Char aise mulakate hongi , saare zamane mein baatein hongi

Movie: Chamatkar (1992)

4)  Baatein yeh kabhi na tu bhulna koi tere khatir hai jee rha,

Jaye tu kahi to yeh sochna, koi tere khatir hai jee rha

Movie: Khamoshiyan (2015)

5)  Aap ki khatir mere dil ka jahaan hain haazir

Apne sare aarman, Kr du mai zaahir

Movie: Aap ki Khatir (2006)

6)  Dil ke aarman aasuoon mein behe gaye,

hum wafa karke bhi tanha rehe gaye

Zindgi ek pyaas ban kar reh gayi, pyaar ke qisse adhoore rehe gaye

Movie: Nikaah (1982)

7)  Bolo oo adhoore tum adhoore hum bin tumhare

Mutthiyon mein baadalon ko le ke who nicchod de

Who raat ki chuppi mein shor natkhat  chhod de

Movie: Break Ke Baad (2010) 

8)  Natkhat Natkhat Jamuna ke tath par kuch toh churaye haye Maiyya

Dil Churaye, Neendh Churaye, Chain Churaye, Haye Maiyya

Kaise Main Jaaoun Ghar Apne Sab Laaj Sharam Main Chodhi Re

Kaise Kahun kis natkhat ne kiya maakhan Chori re


9)  Kiase Kahun Ishq mein tere kitna hun Betaab main

Aankho se aankhe mila ke chura lu tere khwaab mein

Mere Saaye Hain saath mein, Yaara jis jagah tum ho

Movie: Wajah Tum Ho (2016)

10) Tum ho paas mere saath mere ho tum yun

jitna mahsoos karoon tumko utna hi paa bhi loon

Tum ho mere liye Mere liye ho tum yun, Khud ko main haar gaya

Tum ko, Tumko mein jeeta hoon

Movie: Rockstar (2011)

It doesn’t matter what is the time of the song, what matters is the emotions and the way of delivering a bunch of words. If you sing them with the same feeling they all make a pleasant atmosphere which ultimately going to make you happy.

Dedicated to all music lovers…

Career Growth in Digital Marketing

It’s not a tough task to enter into the digital marketing world without any training or course, but it’s always a tough and impossible task to lead the field without proper guidance and knowledge. Moreover, digital marketing is basically the way of promoting products or services through the help of internet-based platforms. So for that, a good training program with a well-structured curriculum provides you a bright carrier in digital marketing. So here we will talk about some beneficial and free digital marketing courses from authorized sources for the certifications in digital marketing that could build up your resume.

Google Digital Unlock

This is a very initial step towards the digital marketing world. The course includes all the information about the important keywords and tactics which are very important for those who are stepping into the world of digital marketing. The most amazing thing about this course is, you will get the certification from Google itself.


This is another fantastic platform that provides free certification for some of the google credentials including Google Ads Certification, Google Marketing Platform, Google For Education, Google AdMob, Authorized Buyers, Android, Google My Business, Waze, And Google Ad Manager. Proper section wide tests and videos are available with the final certification exam of around 2:30 hour long. The other amazing thing about the certification from this platform is you are getting the certification from Google itself with the colorful Google logo.

eMarketing Institute

It’s another amazing platform for getting certification for some of the digital marketing entities including Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Content Marketing, E-commerce, Email-Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics. The platform provides free e-books for the respective topics which include a particular number of chapters for providing all the essential information about the implementation of the particular entity.

The aforementioned certification platforms are verified and I also have done certification form the same. These are really beneficial in terms of getting exact information about digital marketing credentials. Additionally, for upgrading resume with these certifications which carry value in the corporate world.

Apart from these, certifications are the primary key of getting success in the digital marketing world, whereas practical knowledge and passion for learning in an individual are the very important factors required for getting success in any field as well as for being proficient.

For the same keep learning and practicing for getting excellence in the digital market or in any other field, you are passionate about.

Thanks for reading and giving your valuable time!

Stay Safe!

And a warm welcome in the world of digital marketing, we as an individual have to change with the changing technology.

Welcome note to all the readers of aayushisthought

Here I am going to give you a short summary of my site based on the points mention below;

  • The ideas or thoughts which I want to share or you want me to share.
  • The way of interaction that we are going to follow.
  • What you will find here.

This is just the starting and the welcome note to all of you on my site, Its a treasure of journey which we are going to enjoy together in coming days, months and years. Here you will find the thoughts which generally wander in everyone’s mind but no one thinks in deep with comparing them to the facts and the psychological view. I am not going to restrict it on any particular topic or area. We’ll explore all the thoughts which wander in the mind of a person related to women’s safety, society views, career aspiration of individual, loneliness, heart and mind collisions and many more. I don’t want it a one to many conversations instead of two-way communication. It’s not only me who will talk, but it should also be us who will communicate. If someone writes something then the result is not only his or her thought its a collective view of many other people who have not able to express it till the date and are the ones who are also involved in direct or indirect ways for such type of perspective. I hope you will enjoy the bond which we are going to share via this medium. I will always give my 100% in the content which I share and it’s my responsibility that it will not be a wastage of your time while reading.

It should be a “Full Time Vasul” type of dealing exactly like “Full Paisa Vasul”.

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