How to become better writer?

No one can define any specific method or process for becoming a better writer until or unless u wanted to be so. And if you want to be so everything is done, just keep your fingers on the keyboard and start. And yes, I am saying a keyboard because the time for the pen, pencil or copy is gone. It’s a digital era with digital tools.

But without any doubt, there are some necessary things without which you cannot be a better writer. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Language knowledge (including grammar)
  2. Proficiency in collecting your diverse thoughts into a single one in a very creative way.
  3. Good Vocabulary
  4. Topic Knowledge (On which you want to write)
  5. Genuine and Original Content

According to me above mentioned five things are necessary for becoming a better writer

  1. Language Knowledge

          Whether you are writing in your mother tongue or in any other language, knowledge of that language is very much required, as you are writing for the readers of that language. If you don’t know the reader’s language then why they will invest their time in understanding your content instead of reading from other sources.

  1. Proficiency in collecting your diverse thoughts into a single one in a very creative way.

It’s the very important and only thing which is must in a writer because if you don’t know how to showcase your work in front of people than how you make them read your content.

For example: If people will not able to understand what you are saying in the first paragraph and then what you are saying in the next paragraph. They will not do brainstorming for your content as there is uncountable content in the market which they easily understand.

  1. Good Vocabulary

This one is for making your content more professional, eye-catching or lovable. Good vocab is a sign of strong reading and knowledge.

  1. Topic Knowledge (On which you want to write)

          This is like “You want to buy a banana, but the thing is you don’t know how it looks”

The same thing happen in content also you at least understand what topic is and how it works and all related information.

  1. Genuine and Original Content

If you really want to be a writer than forget the words copy and paste. I am not saying that you should not refer to the topics or related information but what requires is to write them in your own way or words and level of understanding, don’t try to copy other’s write-up.

Instead of all these necessary things what more important is you should be a deep and creative thinker you have to collect the very different points in a single write up so that it should be well-circumscribed to the topic from all the corners.

Writing is not a thing that can be learned by reading only it should be practiced by writing more and more. And by the way, this is a well-known thought that “Practice makes a man perfect”

Thanks for giving your time and yes some Mb’s from your data pack to my content. Have a nice day and a good career.

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Even after dropping the death rates, United States still have the highest compared to other developed countries.

A new study finds that the death rates have dropped in recent decades but they are still higher than other developed countries among infants, teens and young adults in U.S.

Experts view

Meredith Shiels, She is an investigator with the U.S. Nationals Cancer Institute’s division of cancer epidemiology and genetics as well as a senior study author.

Meredith Shiels said “Despite overall reduced mortality, striking racial disparities still exist for infants, child and youth mortality in the U.S., and there has been a concerning increase in death rates due to suicide and drug overdoses among youth.”

Additionally she said “The findings of this study support the urgent need for policies and interventions that aim to prevent drug poisoning and suicide, such as improved diagnosis and treatment of depression in youth.”

Shiels said “Efforts to improve maternal health and access to health care, and to educate parents about healthy sleeping habits for infants, should remain a priority”

The given data is taken for the study by researchers from death certificates of the U.S. Nationals Center for Health Statistics, Statistics Canada and the UK Office of National Statistics.

Figure for infant and young adult deaths in developed countries
  Country Count (1999-2015)
1. U.S. 1.1 million
2. Canada 81,000
3. England & Wales 121,000


Mortality rates declines in United States, Canada and England and Wales overall the figure is 39% decline in infant deaths.

 Division of percentage based drop in death
  Age based Percentage drop
1. Children 11%
2. Teens 23%
3. Young Adults 28%

Instead of all this the death rate in United States were highest compared to other developed countries.

From the total death 64% were male population

In terms of Population Percentage wise division of death people  
  Population Division Percentage
1. White population 53%
2. Black population 25%
3. Hispanic 18%

SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), injury and homicide are most notable causes for drop in deaths.

Researchers also found some other causes of deaths in U.S. which is unintentional suffocation and strangulation in bed, increasing from six per 100,000 in 1999 to 29 per 100,000 in 2002

Shiels explained “The increase in suffocation and strangulation in bed is likely due to reclassification of SIDS cases.”

Dr Leopoldo Malvezzi, truma medical director at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami said “The numbers are pretty scary, Black infants are two times more likely to die than white babies.”

Fewer infant deaths are the result of improved care for premature infants and progress in preventing birth defects, said Malvezzi. Dr Malvezzi also stresses the need of increasing the efforts to prevent suicides and drug overdose among teens and young adults.

Dr Malvezzi said “Our adolescent and young adults are dying much more here and elsewhere.” He added “Suicide prevention has got to become more of an issue because we are losing a lot young adults and children to suicide and drugs.”


Dream Job

An Ambiance where deep silence making noise…..

A group of people who love their own work anything else, Interaction between them should be friendly but informal and respectful manner. Work that enhances knowledge, skill, and ability. There should be always something new, different and challenging within a learning environment. One will not get time for getting bored as well as for regrets all of which exist is enthusiasm, excitement and lots of happiness.

And if we talk about the pay then the pay should be like “return on the work done with smartness, honesty, fairness, and involvement”

Job is not equal to the money for a dynamic worker. Apart from this, for real workers, money or salary are the solutions to routine problems, but happiness comes on their faces after the solution of a real-world problem.

A perfect job should be like you have the power in your hand or in mind for the solution of almost every problem in the field which you are specialized in.

SALARY=Analytics for solving the existing problem+Honesty+Fairness+ Engagement and Loyalty towards the job

Job is not only a way to fulfill your and family needs with the salary. Moreover, it is something which gives you happiness. A power for proving your self. A skill which lets you take stand in the crowd. It is something that gives you spirit for moving on in life.

Let’s be little philosophical ……

  • It’s a perfume with arousing smell.
  • It’s a flower with a sophisticated petals.
  • It’s a sky with full of Stars.
  • It’s a night drive in cool pleasant air on a bike.
  • It’s a journey with full of treasures.
  • It’s a full poured soil pot with child water.

The only decision you have to make for being it so in your life is “CHOOSE”

All feelings will depend on your selection for the job.

NOW the list of happiest Job of world……

  1. Marketing Specialist
  2. Engineer
  3. Gardener
  4. Nurse
  5. Scientist

The list of top 10 highest paying Jobs of the world……

  1. Surgeon
  2. Psychiatrist
  3. General Practice Physician
  4. Senior Level Corporate Executive
  5. Dentist
  6. Petroleum Engineer
  7. Orthodontist
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Pharmacist

In the end, just want to thank you all for your precious time which you have spent on my content. And good luck with your career.

Woh Dard kya hai, Woh Bat kya hai…..

This is the first time when I am publishing my own write up with you all.  I hope you all like it….

This is something which relate to the moment when we all are confused and not able to understand whats happening in our mind whether we are missing something or lost something. I guess this kind of Chaos mostly happens in everyone’s life. You all can easily relate with it just go through and enjoy your strange feelings in written format.

Woh dard kya hai, Woh bat kya hai…..

Woh Zikra kiska hai, Woh yad kiski hai

Na sanse chalti hai, Na sanse Rukti hai

Yeh bich mai jo tham gya, Woh ahsas kya hai…..

Ruh zuda si hue hai Zism se, Mai talashti hu rasta uski manzil ka

Jo gum hua hai, Woh mukam kya hai…..

Dar badar dhunda hai maine pata jiska,

Pta nhi gumshuda wo hai ya mai, Ruh Zalti hai is tapan mai

Kasur mausam ka hai ya panapte zazbato ka

Ab bs sangharsh hai Zinda rahne ka

Who Manzil mujhe bulati hai, Zanziro rasta chod do mera

Dum ghutta hai in rasto par,

Har kadam pr mujhko ghera hai, Zazbato ke in Daman ne

Who Daman pyara lagta hai, Jo sabke sir pr hota hai

Kyo sath nhi wo mere tha, Kyo sath nhi wo mere hai

Bs Khatm karo in halato ko, Raftar mujhe badhani hai

Woh jo chin gya hai mujhse, Use chin ke mujhko lana hai

Woh jo dard hai mujhe ab tk mila, Yeh waqt hai use badalne ka

Who dard jise na samjha gya, Who bat hue jb meri thi

Woh Zikra kisine cheda tha, Woh yad na jane kiski thi

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Consciously unconscious state of mind: Subconscious Mind

The human body is fully controlled by its mind, whether it’s emotional or physical movement. The mind is the only thing that is responsible for the survival of the human being. There are points when people say animals don’t have a mind.

Now the point is do human beings have a mind? Some say “YES” some say “LITTLE BIT” or some even say “NO”. It all depends on the knowledge and dedication of a person, how much time they are giving to themselves, for improving knowledge and skills.

What we have discussed above it depends on the person itself but what we are going to discuss now is all about the natural states of a person’s mind which you want or not but they have by default existence in everyone’s life.

As we all know there are three states of mind.

  1. Conscious Mind
  2. Unconscious Mind
  3. Subconscious Mind

We can compare it with three natural conditions of human beings

  1. Alive – Conscious Mind
  2. Dead – Unconscious Mind
  3. Sleep – Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind includes such things as the sensation, perceptions, memories, feelings, and fantasies inside of our current awareness.

The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of our conscious are unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict.

The subconscious mind is a part of you, the part that takes care of making life easier for you by creating automatic behaviors and reactions to events in your everyday life.

So here we are going to discuss the Subconscious Mind. It’s the only state which is difficult to define as well as to understand.

Let’s take an example

My classmate was once fell in the well full of water she was constantly pushing her hands and legs to pull herself out but this was not possible because she didn’t know swimming than after many hours she found herself at her home. As one of her colony residents saw her and save her. From that time till now she has hydrophobia or can say the moment she looks at water reservoirs she gets afraid and that scene comes in front of her and start behaving abnormally. The signals which let her know that this place is dangerous and the place from where that signals get dispatch is the subconscious mind.

This is the time when your mind gets stuck between the conscious and unconscious state of mind.  

The moment when we get consciously unconscious and loose our own control from our own self this is the subconscious state of mind.

We have many more similar examples in our daily life but generally not observe them.

This is a recommended topic thanks for giving me such an opportunity because it was really learning and something new for me. If any of you have any topic to recommend then please comment I’ll surely work on that.

4 proven categories are not enough to define a human being in our society

There are crore types of living beings in our society, from all of them human being is one of the types. Basically, four categories of human beings are introduced by god. (We can say the power which is responsible for lives on earth “The Supreme Power”)

And these categories are:

1) Men

2) Women

3) Transgender

4) Bisexual

This is it according to my knowledge. I am saying “my knowledge” because there are people who have their own particular knowledge which always wants to defend others no matter what it is.

The mentioned categories are on the basis of scientific proofs but according to human beings and their beliefs, there are a lot more categories.

There is not only the religion Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian which divide human beings there is one more type which divides, that is mentality and perception. On this basis, you can find more than the previous four categories in society.

Rape cases

If we talk about rape cases, there are people who say the girl was wrong and others who can understand the criminal mind is the reason for the rape, not the victim girl.

Girl Child discrimination

Let’s talk about the couple who has just conceived a child and on the very next moment, they start thinking about the gender of the child. There is nothing wrong with dreaming for your child, but the division starts when they start thinking we don’t want girl child just because of their misconception that boy is going be the “Ghar ka Chirag.”

Yoga People vs Gym People

There are people who think appearance is the sign of a healthy body. Like for girls, they think slim is the sign of a healthy body and for a boy’s muscular body is the sign of a healthy body. For a healthy body, some prefer yoga and some prefer the gym.

Let’s consider some common facts of uncommon people

A category of people who think about others more than their own self, this kind of person is like so-called well-wishers who think about you more than yourself.

Let me say these kinds of people are very free or maybe they are in the stage of self-actualization because of their misconception where they think they have achieved everything in their lives now what left for them is, “your life” for which they start working. They are always watching on you what you are doing what you are not doing. This is not it for them even they decide on their own self what you have to do or whatnot. One minute after that, they think about the solutions also. Hats-off type of job they are doing for you and at zero cost like “Free Free Free”

Saint Kabir Das has said a very perfect line for them “Bura jo dekhan mai chala, bura na miliya koi! jo dil khoja aapna, to mujhse bura na koi.”

But for them, things are not like that, according to these kinds of people they are doing social service for us. Because we don’t know what we should do they are the one who wants to guide us because as mentioned above they have achieved the level of self-actualization where they have done with all. Now they have a bunch of knowledge for guiding us.

The level of confidence has reached 100% and of course, it should happen because they have gone through with all levels of Maslow’s theory of motivation and they are fully motivated now.

There are many other kinds of people rather than this which I have mentioned. And I am sure you people have also observed the above-mentioned types.

Do share your observations for the same or for any special kind of people that you have seen.

Kerala Flood in August

Just think about the moment, when the persons living in Kerala First lost their home then the things which they have gathered and very important their loved one.

For instance, you have spent your years in collecting school certificates, you have decorated each and everything with your hands, the home in which you have spent your days and months and that all get lost in the water. Now what left is only you who can hardly found his or her family member or any of the lost thing in the water.

It’s a new beginning

This is not the end the struggle and your exam start now. Question is will you able to make the same as you have before or you have to leave a very different life which will be an opposite part of the prior one. They have to start everything from the very beginning. For helping them to rebuild their own life and Kerala also many political parties, celebrities, NGOs and common man are coming forward.


Some of them are Cristiano Ronaldo whose Rs77 crore donation was getting viral on the social media. Virat Kohli, Indian Government (PM modi) not only individual Organization like Goonj are also helping them with Food cloth and other basic requirements. This was the rarest flood of last 100 years in the history of India.

Digital Media is also helping a lot so that people can easily donate online to Kerala government. For example you have separate options in Tez, Paytm and in many other applications for donation.

You can also send your used or old material which can be reused. Through many social service organizations or we can call NGOs. Being Human it’s our responsibility to help others those are in critical situation.

Everything has its positive and negative points

Same thing happen with this also there are cases where ending or disasters have a new beginning of more interesting chapters.

I have read this somewhere that flood is the new birth of barren land where the barren land get fertile again and this is not only the case there are structures which were going on the wrong path in the past now they all have to lost in the water. Some bad things also have to go with the flood. And some good things have to come back.

Wish it could be a comeback of more good things in the life of all persons who have suffered from this disaster.

It’s a rule of God that, after a dark night a beautiful morning is waiting for you.

Do share your suggestion, recommendations and thoughts.

For Contraception FDA approved an app

The app has been approved but the question is will it work?

The mobile fertility app won FDA marketing approval. And the app becomes the first-ever digital contraceptive app to win this.

The app has highlighting two major points:

  • A natural method of contraception which is powered by a smart algorithm and
  • Calling it as “The idea of empowering women”

The app is enabling women to track their menstrual cycle with the use of an algorithm to determine when they need to use birth control protection for their fertility period.

Natural Cycles is the first app that is approved by the government to prevent pregnancy.

The raised worldwide investment is $1 billion in the past three years.

Working of the Natural Cycles app

The app works by calculating the information of menstrual cycles and the basal temperature entered by the women. Entered information gets to know when the women most likely to be fertile. The given method refers to a fertility awareness-based method. The given method identifies the days of fertility as per menstrual cycle.

Women have to measure temperature in the morning after waking up using a basal thermometer. The app comes with a thermometer that costs $79.99 annually.

In a study, more than 15,500 women were examined for contraception. Women were those who used the app for an average of eight months.

Women who used the app perfectly as directed only 1.8 from them get pregnant, which termed as failure rate according to the FDA. And the app has a failure rate of 6.5 percent for the women who didn’t use the app as directed or committed unprotected sex on the fertile days.

Acuna said “It helps fill a vacuum in the world of natural contraception.”

“Natural Cycle was a little more exciting in that it tracks both menstrual calendars and basal body temperature.” Laura MacIsaac, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Maount Sinai said.

Personal view

Look at the technology up-gradation, this are the inventions that were not easily available for the women in the past and they have faced many health, sexual and mental problems in that period. These are blessings of science for human beings. And I personally welcome this kind of invention for the welfare of women.

Thank you for giving your precious time and I hope its informative for you.

Influencing or we can say interfering forces of our decision making process

Our life is an outcome of our own decisions and situations that influenced us or forced us to be so. It’s a known fact that we are the result of our experience from reading watching and listening. In the same way, our decision-making process is the result of influencing and interfering forces.

It’s a combined game between your situations and your decisions where heart and mind are the joysticks of this game.

Both are directly proportional to each other. If your situation is good then your decisions get the praise or if you are in a bad situation then also your decisions get the blame for that.

If you make good decisions the result will be a good situation and vice versa if you take wrong decisions then the ultimate result will be a bad situation.

We all have many examples in our life for the same and even daily life examples are also there:

We all have set New Year resolutions on the first day of January, and rest we all know very well. This is also known to us that what will be the result if we follow the things as we have set. And nothing gets happen like that because of that combination of situation and decisions. These two start their combined game and we stuck into that and distract ourselves from the defined resolutions.

I know you all have many other examples like that, but yes the one I have in common with all and it is a future decision.

We all think about our future goals, for that we make plans and execute them, and here the main part starts which is execution where we have to make certain decisions based on our situations. So here is also we can see the combined game of both decision and situation. These situations have the power of molding our careers in their direction, and that direction is also defined by them only.

Exceptional Cases

This directly proportional type of behavior sometimes behaves in an adverse way. And that termed as exceptional cases where good situations lead to wrong decisions vice versa.

This we can observe in the persons who have power or money. Mostly we have seen their good situation is the origin of common man’s problems. Their good situations are the influencer or the initiator of the wrong decisions which harm others.

This is something that I personally think about this topic if you have any other examples or ideas to update my knowledge then please comment it in the comment box or mail me.

I hope you enjoy reading this, thank you for giving your time.

Combination of Rural life with Urban Life

Urban life is like a treasure for a person living in a village. It’s not a difference between Rural and Urban life living standard but it’s a matter of perception and income as well. People living in village only have an option of farming for earning money for their spending’s and on the other hand, urban people have many options for earning money from full time to part-time as well.

Actual Image of the Rural Life

It’s not like that the villagers are not working hard but they are not aware of the technological inventions which help them do the same work in less time with more return. They are following the predefined paths of their ancestors. Only a few people are aware of it but then also they are not using them in an exact way as it should because using the technical things require awareness and knowledge of it and that comes from education, which is very rare in rural areas. So what changing now is, villagers are sending their child in urban areas for education.

There are two types of intentions in sending their child for education:

1) Their child will come and help them in farming with new techniques and their land area will increase and income too.

2) Their children will make their own careers and grow in their life.

A new story start when rural lives combine with urban life before that, just think about the one who first moves out of the village and sees the life of a city, for him, it’s a full change. There are two results in every change and those are win or loss. The same thing happen in this case also.

The person can adopt the urban culture in two ways either in the right way or in wrong.

Those who are focused on their career and family definitely they are going to choose the right way no matter what the situation is. And those who are here only for fun or on others force and wish no one can say what path they are going to choose, and even we can say that they are likely to choose the wrongs ways.

They face difficulties in dealing with the people, involving themselves in the lifestyle of urban people. And the most important thing the type of company they get. There is a known saying in Hindi “Jaise Sangat waise rangat,” the same thing happens with them too. If they make good friends, then they learn good things and vice versa.

An urge to try every new thing

Very known things happen with all who migrate from one place to another, the same happens with the villagers who move to the city from the village. They want to try each and everything which they haven’t got in village. Like: Visiting places, Shopping Malls, Pubs& Bars, Restaurants, Food as well as ready-made outlets and many more for that a sudden jerk they face in their monthly budget for that they may borrow money from others, tell lie to their parents or can try to earn money from any of the means. These are very common things that happen with every individual, not a personal issue.

In Hindi, a known saying is “Ati kisi bhi chiz ki acchi nhi hoti” or excess amount of everything is always dangerous. So for a trial, everything is right, but if you make them your habit then things go wrong. So the only thing is, do the things in your limits.

I have tried to cover most of the points which happen in real life with the village migrates. I hope you able to connect the dots.

This was a recommended topic, hope the one for whom it was written have like the thoughts and can able to relate the points.