Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship

I am always confused to define our relationship in terms of feelings, understandings, and bonding. People always ask about the same, and I always deliver a very random answer to them, even I am confused at the time of attempting the question.

Actually, the situation is, I never feel like to define our relation, bonding, and understanding. How I respond to her and how she responds to me. It’s still a mystery. I know you are wondering what I am talking about, actually, our topic for exploration is my sister. Yes, you got exactly right the topic is my SISTER “Aashita”. She is a special child or in a biological term, she is born with Down syndrome.

Let’s discuss in brief about Down Syndrome

Down syndrome, it’s a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material results in developmental changes and physical features of the Down syndrome. Furthermore, it causes learning disabilities and other medical abnormalities including heart and gastrointestinal disorders in children.

Initially, I used to complain every time because when she was born, my mom sent me to my granny’s home. And also one more reason is her name, I like her name more than mine because when I was in school a found minimum of 3 to 4 girls with the same name. And her name is that unique that till now I haven’t meet any girl with the same name. Apart from this, she is the cutest, fairest and beautiful baby girl in her childhood. I really have that jealous kind of feeling for her. But as I grew up started realizing, what is the actual scene. After that, things have been changed. I started trying to understand what actually wrong with her. What can be done for the change? But I found that my parents have already done what is needed and they lose hope on her. And they were right also because this syndrome doesn’t have any cure because it’s a genetically unorganized case which was happened at the time of conceiving. The only thing which can be done for this type of child is a healthy diet and regular health check-ups, which can help in suppressing other prone disorders.

Does she understand when I want to convey? Here is the answer to the question.

I can’t be able to talk to her, but I understand her feelings. She can also understand that I am her sister. She reacts when I try to communicate, understands that I am saying something to her. But yes it’s not that clear as happen within two normal people.

When a random person meets the first time to the Down syndrome people, they really get shocked and they get scared with the body language of these kinds of people because it’s very different and also captivating at the same time.

Apart from this, World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21 March and According to UN organization, approx. 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 1,100 live births worldwide born with Down syndrome. Each year approx. 3,000 to 5,000 children are born with this chromosome disorder.

The essence of this discussion is, be kind to life in whatever way it is because it’s the most special thing in the world which you have.

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Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace

Hey, if you are Physics lover then let’s start with the new version of your physics concept, And if you are not then please don’t fear from the aforementioned physics terminology, we are going to talk about constant speed in terms of life.  So, let’s get started.

Life! The word, which lets you start thinking by listening only. The word, which has the power to let you lost in it, for a couple of minutes.

Even these couple of words are also not able to define life. Instead, the story itself starts from these. I am sure, you all are very much aware of the story of the rabbit and tortoise race. How the one who was slow won the race?

Life is not about speed, you cannot see the things in front of you right after dreaming about that. You have to be patient, assertive, hardworking and positive towards your likings and goals. You are pretty aware of the recent success of Chandrayaan-2 by India, does it was a result of fast pace? Of course not.

Yes, one example is here which can contradict the point “have a constant speed and move with grace”, and that example is Faceapp, haha…. This is the thing which can make your dream true in a blink if you want to see your old age look, you are there with it. But, the reality is not that easy, u have to wait with the patience.

So, what you can do is, just seat and hold your back, see the things, make a clear goal and move towards it with the grace, and yes don’t forget to have a constant speed which is able to provide you energy for accomplishing the goal.

Now the question is, how constant speed can provide energy?

Let’s consider running, a simple example for more clear understanding. Run for a kilometer, if you change the speed frequently you start breathing faster, and at the same time if you run with the same speed you can cover the distance easily without any sudden changes in breathing. So, here we got the source of energy at a constant speed.

I am repeating the focus “Have a constant speed and move with grace”

You have a beautiful life, which needs care for being the same. Don’t spoil it in any kind of hurry, just enjoy it, believe it and live it to the fullest.

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How to capture a perfect picture?

Today we are going to talk about the perfect photo capture with your mobile camera or professional camera.

So, let’s think about the moment when we are going to capture any memory or scene in our mobile or camera, we always look forward to a perfect shoot. And then the question arises! What has to be done to make it’s a perfect one?

Here we have a trick and a function in some mobile and cameras as well, where we have to consider our capturing frame in nine equal squares or grids.

So for example in iPhone, it’s like settings>Photos & Camera>Grid. And in some other mobile & cameras also you can get the benefits of this function. So now we have to talk about the working of it.


I have attached a picture with the post in which you can see, the photo of a nest in a person’s palm with the egg and sparrow. If you divide that photo into 9 equal squares you observe that the three squares of the first row are showing the background of the environment. The middle three square are witnessing our main object that is a nest with the sparrow and the eggs, which is the main focus of our picture. Now the last three squares which are depicting the second priority of the picture that is the hand of the person. So what has been understood in general is assign that middle three squares or the center square for the focus of our capture, rest for the background and other priorities. We can make it clear with one more example.


This picture is depicting a deer standing behind the tree. So, in the above example, the nine grids were having horizontal priorities, but this picture is having the vertical priority which includes deer, tree and the background. Here the first three squares of the first column are capturing the tree. Middle three are capturing deer and the last three are focusing on the background. You can also swap the first three and last three squares of first and third columns respectively if the deer will have the left-hand facing, but in this picture, deer is facing the right side. So we can conclude from this picture that the middle three squares witness the focus of the picture, the first three shows the second priority that is tree and the last three squares of the grid are showing the background of the environment.

Hope this information helps you in capturing the perfect pictures. And for better results, continuous practice is a must.

Photo credit:

Example 1- Mr. Gaurav Bundela

Example 2- Mr. Roshan Puri

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What next after ten years challenge?

Hey, are you still thinking about the ten years challenge? If yes, then let’s discuss.

Ten years of challenge covered humans, animals, and nature.

Human- People have started from their own physical transformation to mental transformation.

Animal- The negative impact of urbanization and industrialization on animal’s population in the past ten years.

Nature- The increasing pollution coupled with pollution leads to the destruction of nature.

What not people have discussed? Positive, negative, neutral everything, every possible area has been covered. People have analyzed what change happened within them and outside.  Now, what next? it’s a start for another ten years challenge. If you are better than try to be the best in the next ten or if you have degraded your performance in the past ten years then start for the upgrade.

Ok! This is cool but what about nature? Well-known lyrics of movie “Gully Boy” song says “Apni Pidi Ki Soch Wo Kaise Lenge Sans Kyo?”

Overuse of resources will result in the scarcity of same. Daily increasing disposal of waste in natural resources causing pollution. And we all are very much aware of the disadvantages of it.

We are very much aware of the types of pollution which include,

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Soil Pollution
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Noise Pollution
  5. Radioactive Pollution
  6. Thermal Pollution
  7. Light Pollution

So can we start for the next never-ending challenge which will bright our future and next generations present?

What we have to do? Its easily can be found on google, but the inspiration for doing so can come from inside only. It’s the stage when the pollution can’t be stopped but the measures for controlling the same can be taken. Start from small things such as excessive and unnecessary use of vehicle, electricity, food, water, and wood.

This is not something to read and forget. It’s something to make you remind the actual changes happened over the past years. It’s good to talk about the changes but its best if you do something for the changes. And that changes should be positive and beneficial for all.


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Merry Christmas

Here our 2018 is about to end with the last occasion that is Christmas. The whole surrounding is full of red & white decoration with colorful lamps, a Christmas tree, and many more gifts.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

The celebration day is the birth of Jesus Christ. Angel appeared on the night of the birth and said “I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

As the angel said its good news, then good news always brings celebration so Christmas is celebrated by all. Without any discrimination, everyone celebrates the day with full mood.

Christmas brings the celebration for the coming New Year and also for the end of running one. So just forget the last year’s sufferings and get ready for the new enjoyments.

It’s the time for cakes, gifts, decorations, sweets and without a doubt about visiting a church. It’s not about the Christian only every religion celebrates this festival perceiving it’s their own.

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Conflicts Between Any Relationship

If we are talking about the relationship, then why we should discuss conflicts?

There are things like love, passion, and responsibility, these can also be discussed, but if we are talking about conflicts than the fact is the consistency of conflicts. It doesn’t matter whether you are loyal, honest, responsible, loving or caring conflicts always push you in the opposite direction.

Just think, what are the things which cause conflicts?

  • Priorities
  • Possessiveness
  • Rules & regulations (based on individual beliefs)
  • Over concern


This one is common among other things priorities are the reason which causes misconception and creates a feeling of ignorance in almost every relationship. Where people are busy with their priorities and their busy schedule affects other emotions, they feel like they are not important in his or her loved one life. And that feeling slowly destroys the softness and love from the heart of the person.


If anyone is possessive or over possessive than the relationship gets in trouble, because the one who is over possessive will not like the closeness of his loved one with anyone, insecurities evolve with closeness. Insecurities develop conflictions which result in arguments later.

Rules & regulations (based on individual beliefs)

If one person is in favor of A than another one is in favor of B, according to the rules and regulations of one person A is right, but according to the rules and regulations of another person, B is right. This conflict between A & B creates an argument and fight later.

This favor doesn’t end on things only they start imposing the life of person also. Later these rules and regulations according to individual beliefs become hurdles of another life, because that individual is not used to with all this, and even according to his or her belief this particular rules and regulations are not right or up to the mark.

Over concern

There is a well-known thought in Hindi “Ati hi ant ka Karan hai….”

It’s good you are a concern for your loved one but it’s very bad if you are over-concern. Your over concern is boundation for your loved one. He or she has to apply limits on his fun and also cut his modes of happy moments.

How to deal with this?

These all things widen the reasons of conflictions day by day. If you want to stop all this, understand the emotions and feelings of your loved one, and also try to explain your emotions and feelings so that another person should also understand what you want.

Relationship means “the way in which two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected.”

For any connection a proper network is necessary any breaks in network cause the risk of losing connection, So for better connection try to fix a better network.

Conflicts are not the end they are just a situation that is not in your favor, so the only solution is don’t take any decision based on these conflicts.

Just relax and remind the happy moments and try to experience them again.

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Current youth of India are confident or confused?

If we talk about the current youth, the things which come in our mind are:

  • Mobile phones
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Social Media
  • Brands
  • Shortcuts
  • Money
  • Competition
  • Comfort

Above mentioned all entities are the part of the current youth.  These are the diversion because they think about all the above things, instead of a career. Confidence and confusion happen when a person is thinking about the particular thing, gives time for the same, but what’s happening here is a mobile phone with an internet connection is more important than anything else.

Let’s we should not deviate from the topic our matter of concern is “Current youth of India are confident or confused”

Confidence comes when we are prepared or have sufficient experience for the same we want to achieve. And this type of attitude is absent in current youth they don’t have enough time to prepare and don’t want to compromise for their comfort, even for the initial opportunity. Also, because of the competition factor, they don’t start and get confused.

So yes we got the point they are confused. And this confusion is not part of their personality only but the environment and family background are equally responsible.

And now you should ask a question, how the environment and family background is responsible for their confusion?

The technological impact is a crucial part of everyone’s life now, and this fact is also known to all that technology has both sides of the coin with an equal surface area. The easier mode of communication consumes time and has given birth to the competition as well.

If a teenager sees a person enjoying a certain level of life then he/she too wants to achieve that, similarly if someone is successful in certain fields than also he/she gets attracted to it.

These things create what? Without a doubt the confusion only.

And here they can only protect themselves from this if their family gives them proper guidance at every stage of life.

What curious minds of small children want? A clear view of the world, but what family told them you are very small to understand all and even this all things are not your matter of concern you just go play and enjoy. This is the time when you have to solve their curious questions not with the direct answers but with some related answer which they can understand.

And as they start growing up you start comparing them with other children which makes them feel inferior and they start perceiving themselves as good for nothing type of personality. Here you have to appreciate them for their work and achievements.

And in our society people start thinking about their career after HSC. This is enough to understand that they are confused because till HSC they are not aware and after HSC they have to choose one star from the whole galaxy which can easily confuse them without any doubt.

In the life cycle of a tree, the starting phase seed knows which fruit it will give. The same should happen with the human being too, kids should understand what their goal is and what makes them happy. If the roots are strong then the tree is going to be the strongest one.

If you want to conquer the confusion than start research and make a clear framework for your career and then don’t let yourself deviate from the decided one.

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Something for you: Dear success….

Here are some words fully dedicated to my success. Whatever the situation is, the intoxication of success always helps you in survival.

Kuch is tarah badalte hai pal ghanto mai

ghante dino mai, aur din mahino fir salo mai….

Jo nhi badalta wo ahsas hai tera..

teri mohobbat ka, wo irada tujhe pane ka…

Kuch is tarah junoon sir par chada hai …

Ki ab har waqt in zazbato ke sath ta-umra bitane ka man karta hai..

Kahi uchaiyo ke shikhar par tum raho

Kahi uchaiyo ke shikhar par hum rahe ..

duriya chahe uchaiyo ki milo ho,

par darmiya koi aur shikahar na rahe…

Khol diye hai darwaze rasto ke zindgi ne…

Hame bhi zid hai un har rasto to tay karne ki..

Mazboor karne ki us khuda ko

jo kuch aur pal de Nayi raho ke

Jo tum tak pohchne ki khushi deti hai

Kuch is tarah badlta hai waqt,

ki har waqt tumhe pane ki talab rahti hai….

I don’t know, you find it good or bad but what I know is you people also agree with it.

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Photography is the term which is used for capturing the real visible moments in the form of hard copy or soft copy instead of memories only for the mind.

The word “photography” has the Greek roots with the addition of two different words in a single word which are photos and graphe which means “representation by means of lines or drawing” together meaning “drawing with light.”

This is something that keeps your moments in the form of images for a lifetime. Just think once you see your childhood images and enjoy that feeling of being a child is the precious one that you hardly get from any other means.

You can opt for it as a full-time career or part-time. Even some people involved in it only for their passion and hobby. And let me tell you please don’t discriminate this field on the basis of gender both males and females are equally welcome.

The mobile phone has explored this field to a large extent nowadays each and everyone wants to click good quality pictures.

If you want to explore this particular field then you should have a clear view of these terms.

Image- Any visual object that has been modified or altered by a computer or an imagery object has been created using a computer.

Photo or Photograph- Anything taken by a camera, digital camera, or photocopier

Picture- A drawing, painting, or artwork created on a computer. A picture is also used to describe anything created using a camera or scanner.

These are some career opportunities in this particular field that pay the bills.

  • Commercial Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Photojournalist/News Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer

Instead of it, there are people who have a passion for photography they do it only for happiness or as a hobby. They are not professionals but have more dedication and concentration for it. And even some professionals in this field also started the journey of their professional life by chasing their passion and hobby.

One of them is Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a fast-growing entrepreneur and motivational speaker of India. He is the CEO and founder of Imagesbazaar.com (the largest collection of Indian images, has a collection of more than 1 million images of Indian models with a network of over 11,500 photographers all over India.)

There are many types of photographer some of them are:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Landscape Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Pet Photographer
  • Action / sports photographer
  • Aerial Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Micro Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • Macro Photographer
  • Concert Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Astrophotographer
  • Real Estate and Architecture Photographer
  • School Photographer
  • Baby Photographer
  • Family Photographer
  • Satellite Photographer
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Food Photographer
  • Vehicle Photographer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Street Photographer
  • Nude/erotic Photographer
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Stock Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Equine Photographer
  • Paparazzi

It’s all about your level of passion and love for photography which can pay you money.

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Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics

Politics is a word that was once used for the benevolence and wellbeing of the people, but now it’s only a platform of money-making and competition. There was a time when people think if a person in politics then he or she has the purpose of social service and wellbeing of the society and country as well. But now the picture has been changed totally, politics means a platform where the person has the “Power and Paisa” and most importantly people can do anything for this they can play with the lives of the people, future of the people and country.

Our matter of concern is gender

Is it matter whether you are a boy or a girl?

The answer to this question depends on the mentality and experience of the answerer because every individual has his or her own perception.

Let’s take the example of different individuals….

A normal middle-class family parent  

They have a very simple and structured lifestyle where they cannot afford any kind of risk for the deviation from the normal arranged budget and also they don’t want to play the game of life with the upper class of the society. A middle-class family is always concerned for their children’s life and future and especially for the girl child they just want them to be settled as soon as possible. If they choose working life for their girls then basically their intention is to make them self-dependent only, they don’t want any type of tensions or dangers in their lives. Basically, they don’t prefer politics no matter whether the person is a boy or a girl but if in case they have to allow then the boy can get permission but girls can’t because of the issue of safety and happiness.

Member from politics   

If you ask a person who belongs to politics that he or she will allow his/her child to join politics or not then there is almost a 99% probability that the person will say yes. Some of them can say no for the girl because they know the working environment of the field which is very hectic, challenging and risky as well without any doubt we all can say. But there are girls from the background of the politics who know all this and can manage because of their experience with the environment with their dear once. Example: Indira Gandhi (First Prime Minister of India), Hillary Clinton (Nominee for the President in the US).

With observations and facts, we can say that girls are not allowed because the family of girls is concerned for their safety and well-being. They don’t want their daughters to be surrounded by play minds who use them in any of the ways for their benefits.

And still, it is perceived that politics is male-dominated and it is true according to facts also we only have a few numbers of females in politics.

Politics is not only the field where girls are not allowed there are many fields that are perceived as they are made for boys only. This mentality can only be changed by the girls who want to enter and explore these fields and the once who can support them in completing their dreams. If you have full confidence in yourself, knowledge and power then just move ahead and follow your dreams.

And by the way, there is a dialogue which everyone knows “Kehte hain ki …… Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai..

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