Woh Dard kya hai, Woh Bat kya hai…..

This is the first time when I am publishing my own write up with you all.  I hope you all like it…. This is something which relate to the moment when we all are confused and not able to understand whats happening in our mind whether we are missing something or lost something. I guess thisContinue reading “Woh Dard kya hai, Woh Bat kya hai…..”

Consciously unconscious state of mind: Subconscious Mind

The human body is fully controlled by its mind, whether it’s emotional or physical movement. The mind is the only thing that is responsible for the survival of the human being. There are points when people say animals don’t have a mind. Now the point is do human beings have a mind? Some say “YES”Continue reading “Consciously unconscious state of mind: Subconscious Mind”

4 proven categories are not enough to define a human being in our society

There are crore types of living beings in our society, from all of them human being is one of the types. Basically, four categories of human beings are introduced by god. (We can say the power which is responsible for lives on earth “The Supreme Power”) And these categories are: 1) Men 2) Women 3)Continue reading “4 proven categories are not enough to define a human being in our society”

Kerala Flood in August

Just think about the moment, when the persons living in Kerala First lost their home then the things which they have gathered and very important their loved one. For instance, you have spent your years in collecting school certificates, you have decorated each and everything with your hands, the home in which you have spentContinue reading “Kerala Flood in August”

For Contraception FDA approved an app

The app has been approved but the question is will it work? The mobile fertility app won FDA marketing approval. And the app becomes the first-ever digital contraceptive app to win this. The app has highlighting two major points: A natural method of contraception which is powered by a smart algorithm and Calling it asContinue reading “For Contraception FDA approved an app”

Influencing or we can say interfering forces of our decision making process

Our life is an outcome of our own decisions and situations that influenced us or forced us to be so. It’s a known fact that we are the result of our experience from reading watching and listening. In the same way, our decision-making process is the result of influencing and interfering forces. It’s a combinedContinue reading “Influencing or we can say interfering forces of our decision making process”

Combination of Rural life with Urban Life

Urban life is like a treasure for a person living in a village. It’s not a difference between Rural and Urban life living standard but it’s a matter of perception and income as well. People living in village only have an option of farming for earning money for their spending’s and on the other hand,Continue reading “Combination of Rural life with Urban Life”

World of Cartoon: An Evergreen Medium of Entertainment

A grown-up child always thinks “It’s good to be a child always,” but unfortunately this can’t happen and the reason is the rule of supreme power. We always wonder about our own childhood when kids play in the ground, doing their homework, telling the story of the day spent in school and very important whenContinue reading “World of Cartoon: An Evergreen Medium of Entertainment”

The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear

We are surviving in a society where people’s views and comments are more important than an individual’s aspirations and dreams. Right from birth till death we are spending our life for others. I know there are people who have their own views and perception which are going to contradict with mine but I have pointsContinue reading “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear”

Google Income Sources: World’s Largest Search Engine

Google is the largest search engine as we all are very much aware of it, and we mostly wonder how Google earns money while working on it. At the end of this article you all will not wonder any more that how Google earns money or what are the Google income sources. Most of theContinue reading “Google Income Sources: World’s Largest Search Engine”