Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship

I am always confused to define our relationship in terms of feelings, understandings, and bonding. People always ask about the same, and I always deliver a very random answer to them, even I am confused at the time of attempting the question. Actually, the situation is, I never feel like to define our relation, bonding,Continue reading “Unwanted happenings Of Genetically Unorganized Cases: Undefined relationship”

Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace

Hey, if you are Physics lover then let’s start with the new version of your physics concept, And if you are not then please don’t fear from the aforementioned physics terminology, we are going to talk about constant speed in terms of life.  So, let’s get started. Life! The word, which lets you start thinkingContinue reading “Have Constant Speed And Move With Grace”

How to capture a perfect picture?

Today we are going to talk about the perfect photo capture with your mobile camera or professional camera. So, let’s think about the moment when we are going to capture any memory or scene in our mobile or camera, we always look forward to a perfect shoot. And then the question arises! What has toContinue reading “How to capture a perfect picture?”

What next after ten years challenge?

Hey, are you still thinking about the ten years challenge? If yes, then let’s discuss. Ten years of challenge covered humans, animals, and nature. Human- People have started from their own physical transformation to mental transformation. Animal- The negative impact of urbanization and industrialization on animal’s population in the past ten years. Nature- The increasingContinue reading “What next after ten years challenge?”

Merry Christmas

Here our 2018 is about to end with the last occasion that is Christmas. The whole surrounding is full of red & white decoration with colorful lamps, a Christmas tree, and many more gifts. Why do we celebrate Christmas? The celebration day is the birth of Jesus Christ. Angel appeared on the night of theContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Conflicts Between Any Relationship

If we are talking about the relationship, then why we should discuss conflicts? There are things like love, passion, and responsibility, these can also be discussed, but if we are talking about conflicts than the fact is the consistency of conflicts. It doesn’t matter whether you are loyal, honest, responsible, loving or caring conflicts alwaysContinue reading “Conflicts Between Any Relationship”

Current youth of India are confident or confused?

If we talk about the current youth, the things which come in our mind are: Mobile phones Internet/Wi-Fi Social Media Brands Shortcuts Money Competition Comfort Above mentioned all entities are the part of the current youth.  These are the diversion because they think about all the above things, instead of a career. Confidence and confusionContinue reading “Current youth of India are confident or confused?”

Something for you: Dear success….

Here are some words fully dedicated to my success. Whatever the situation is, the intoxication of success always helps you in survival. Kuch is tarah badalte hai pal ghanto mai ghante dino mai, aur din mahino fir salo mai…. Jo nhi badalta wo ahsas hai tera.. teri mohobbat ka, wo irada tujhe pane ka… KuchContinue reading “Something for you: Dear success….”


Photography is the term which is used for capturing the real visible moments in the form of hard copy or soft copy instead of memories only for the mind. The word “photography” has the Greek roots with the addition of two different words in a single word which are photos and graphe which means “representationContinue reading “Photography”

Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics

Politics is a word that was once used for the benevolence and wellbeing of the people, but now it’s only a platform of money-making and competition. There was a time when people think if a person in politics then he or she has the purpose of social service and wellbeing of the society and countryContinue reading “Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics”