The 10 Important R’s of the Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is something which is not only a need of the hour but also a way to live a healthy and happy life. The 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are very popular for the sustainable development, but here we are going to discuss the other important R’s that can contribute to the development of the environment. I have talked about the environmental issues and outcomes in my posts before and have also shared some individual initiatives which are upgrading the environmental condition. That all efforts are appreciative and are saving the environment in some way or another. But this is not an individual’s task, right? We all need to make some collaborative efforts for saving our environment, so that not only us but our future generation can live a happy life with the natural blessing, which we have got from our elders, but are not making the same possible efforts to deliver that to our future generation.
So, let’s get started guys!
Now we are going to understand the 10 most important R’s one by one that can save our environment or ultimately the earth so that we can live in a better place.
Here I have mentioned the better place any guesses why I have mentioned so
A better place in terms of less pollution, better place in terms of lesser natural calamities, a better place in terms of fresh air for breathing right? So, if you are thinking so then you are absolutely catching the point!

  1. Refuse
    It’s very obvious that the degrading environment condition is the result of overuse along with the rapidly increasing demand and consumption of unwanted, toxic, or non-eco-friendly products like plastic products, toxic chemicals, and others. Something special, I have got in the comment box of my previous post, where a person has mentioned that he and his wife have not even bought a new pair of cloth in the last couple of years just to contribute to the environment upgradation. I am not saying that we should also refuse with the same intensity, but yes we can refuse the purchase of excess quantity that only contributes to our wants and desires but are not our necessity.
  2. Reduce
    The excessive use of natural products and other substances that are depleting the earth’s resources is on the high pick and we need to reduce that to save ourselves, our planet as well as our future generations. The various governmental and non-governmental bodies are also organizing awareness programs as well as taking initiatives to reduce the production of this kind of product. For instance, bans on the usage of polybags, support for the production and usage of electric vehicles, so that the fuel engine vehicles get decrease. This kind of initiative is growing just to save the environment without compromising the ability for coming generations to meet their own needs.
  3. Reuse
    It’s a quite known and adopted term, right? People have started reusing many daily uses things, but still, the generation and dumping of the used products are increasing. Here I want to share a concept that says that when you reuse a certain good then ultimately you are suppressing the production or need of a certain number of new commodities. For example, the reuse of one polybag can stop you from buying and using another 10-12 new once. Here another term upcycle has evolved, that says reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original one.
  4. Recycle
    This is an emerging term across the globe, particularly to deal with the increasing amount of waste. The recycling is something where waste or used material is converted into the reusable material by applying some processes on it. Most of the cities and countries have recycling plants that are converting some kind of waste into another form of material that can be used to produce new finished goods. Basically, there are three types of recycling is discussed including primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary recycling is a kind of closed-loop where one thing is turned into more of the same thing. Secondary recycling is the process of turning something into other things made of the same material or can say reprocessing of waste to produce a lower grade product from the processed one. Tertiary recycling means the complete breakdown of a product into molecules with the help of the chemical process and then transforming it into a completely new product.
  5. Refurbish
    The term has got popularity with the online platform, where you got refurbished products right? I have come across when I was searching for mobile on an eCommerce site, and have the options in lesser prices, but has later observed that that were the refurbished one. No doubt, that e-waste is one of the types of waste that is increasing at a tremendous speed. And the need is to either limit the production or dig out the solution for the proper e-waste management so that a balance will be maintained in the environment. The most important part of the waste is, a new life can be given to it, which can replace or save a large amount of virgin material. Here the refurbished means to give another life to the used material by renovating or redecorating.
  6. Rebuilt
    In terms of the dictionary, rebuilt means to build again after something is damaged or destroyed. Basically, rebuild means to remanufacture the original products by using a combination of reused, repaired, and new parts. The term is mostly used in the construction and machinery where the damaged or demolished ones get to build again by certain procedures or combination of them. For instance,
  7. Repair
    This is also a very good option to deal with the increasing waste quantity, especially in the case of e-waste repair is the very efficient solution. The increasing usage of electronics products, as well as the increased buying frequency of people due to the launch of new variants or products with advanced features, is expanding the quantity of e-waste across the globe. Moreover, the repair of used or old product results in decreased chances of production.
  8. Refinish
    When used or age-old products like furniture and vehicles start losing or else lost their shine, most of us try to sell them, what if we give them a refinish to regain the shine. The procedure is quite an artistic right! How we are going to do that it’s upon us, and even we have a lot different pattern to follow while applying to refinish. So, it’s quite interesting and can give another look and life to the used ones.
  9. Repurpose
    Repurpose means you adapt something to use for different purposes. For instance, plastic bottles can be used as decorative materials, lamps flower pot, and so on. The vehicle tires are used as a garden pot, table, or chair, and sometimes also used in the construction sector for some purposes. Ultimately, repurpose means to figure out another purpose of use for the waste or used material, instead of its real purpose, in order to protest against its dumping into the landfill.
  10. Rethink
    This one is the most important if you are thinking about the efficient execution of above mention 9R’s. RETHINK means to raise awareness among the community about waste management as well as to participate in the waste management practices, particularly to decrease the quantity of waste into the environment and on landfill. It particularly focuses to improve our efforts towards the aforementioned 9 R’s of sustainable development.

So, guys start rethinking about your consumption habits to minimize the burden of waste (our deed’s) on the environment


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    Btw, Why don’t you write all this in form of short stories??? It’d be very helpful to the readers. Really!! I also do the same to spread awareness about any topic!!! It works very effectively!!!
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