The priority of the hour: Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish

The continuously degrading environmental condition is known to all of us, but are we looking into it. The unstable weather conditions, frequent natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake, or locust attack. Everything has started right from cutting down trees, emission of harmful gases into the environment, emission of varied pollutants into natural resources, excessive use of environmentally harmful substances, and the unnecessary wastage of available nature produces either food, wood, or minerals.

“Anything that happens with an individual is the reflection of his/her karma”

This is not just an effective arrangement of words, instead, it’s a fact. One can find it in every chapter of the holy book “Bhagavad Gita”, whereas the meaning and purpose of Bhagavad Gita can be surf on search engines because this is not the direct purpose of this discussion.

What we all are facing now:

  • Rare and chronic diseases from unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Harmful agriculture produces due to soil pollution and excessive use of unhealthy fertilizers for increasing the production value.
  • Unfavourable breathing environment
  • Vanishing biodiversity
  • Famishment and Under-nutrition
  • Lack of pure drinking water and water bodies

This is the high time to understand that our deeds are destroying mother earth and if it’s not get changed it must be altered. The reduce, reuse, recycle, and refurbished initiative is not only helping mother earth to refresh but also helping us to deal with the vanishing resources by properly utilizing them. The rapidly decreasing natural resources will not only affect our daily life but will also destroy the natural habitats of many other living beings. Our small contribution to the initiative will make a difference and we need to understand that.

Some of the minor changes we can make to contribute in this global initiative “Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish” include:

1.         Plastic Resources (polybags, package box, straws, pens, etc.)

2.         Paper bags

3.         Biodegradable or food waste

4.         Glass bottles

5.         e-waste

6.         Water

Plastic Resources (polybags, package box, straws, pens, etc.)

Our lives are getting dependent on a plastic day by day either directly or indirectly. We need to understand this serious concern that our habits are destroying this beautiful world. Plastic packaging box which that comes with different food delivery orders, with other packaged food items, and with daily use products can be used again after wash for arranging small articles or for arranging kitchen items like spoon, cutlery, knives, and others, as well as used to arrange jewelry, thread spool, and other similar items. Apart from this, if you don’t want to use them again then you can at least keep them apart to sell them to the trash collector so that the used item can reach the recycled point for reuse. Poly-bags are also a big concern of the era they are not only destroying our water bodies and soil they are blocking sewage systems as well which badly affect the lives of sewage cleaners.

We need to think about this!

Paper bags/Cardboard Packaging

First of all, it’s a good alternative against plastic bags, but it will be better if we use the more eco-friendly alternative of plastic bags like cloth bags which can be used many times after wash. Though, if we use paper bags we should take care of their disposal as well. Else, if they are in a condition to be used again then you should do that, if not then they can be used as manure for the home garden. As we should not forget that paper is the outcomes of trees which are rare and getting lesser day by day.

Biodegradable or food waste

What we get after cleaning vegetables is organic waste which can be composted and used in garden soil healthy growth of plants. Some people also have habits of leaving food in plats after eating, it’s not a good habit but it’s there and we all know that a very large amount of food is wasted in our plates that can be used to feed poor or else to animals for sure, and it all this cant’s be done you can compost it instead of throwing it into the dustbin and make a portion of nutritious food for plants instead. The food is only wasted by throwing into the dustbins but also gives the space for many diseases and unbearable smell that spoils air quality and contributes to increasing pollution.

Glass Bottles

The used-glass bottles can be used for decoration by applying paint, lighting, and other necessary procedures. Additionally, these can also be reused in the kitchen as containers after proper wash. Moreover, if these cannot be done we can at least sell them to the waste collectors so that they can also make money from it and the glass bottles will reach the recycling point soon. The idea is to reduce, reuse or recycle things, instead of dumping them into the waste fields, which creates unbearable smell and gives birth to a variety of unfavorable viruses that will negatively affect the health of people living there or passing from there.


The biggest problem of the era is e-waste, the favorable authorities of every nation is dealing with the same and are planning every possible solution for dealing with the same. Instead, things are going worse day by day because we people are spending more and more on e-gadgets which are turning into the trash after our use. What least we can do is trying to limit the purchase of unnecessary electronic gadgets or else give the used one to the needy who can use the same instead of buying the new one while compromising with the budget. If these cannot be done, we can sell them to the waste collector so the chances of getting recycle get increased to some percentage. One more thing, if it’s not that important don’t collect the e-waste into your house because after a certain time you will dump it which will badly affect the environment.


No need for any kind of explanation for water wastage the present scenario is known to all of us. How the water bodies are getting polluted? How the drinking water is spreading diseases? How people are using excessive water? We are not even getting the drinking water that can be consumed without filter, we need to filter the same before consumption. And the day will come soon when we’ll not even be able to use water for daily routine without the filter. The high time has come and we need to understand that it’s time to limit the use of water, otherwise our future generation will not be able to live life as we are living now. What we can do, we can use the water which is left after moping for garden plants, we can use the washing machine (cloth) water for cleaning the outside of our home like balcony & other outside spaces of our home or else can be used to wash the vehicle tires and other favorable objects. As well as we can close the taps when not using the water especially while washings dishes, brushing teeth, or cleaning cloth as well as try to limit the use of daily shower for bathing.

This discussion is just to remind you all about the degrading condition of our environment because of the increasing excessive usage of natural resources and other unnecessary entities. The responsibility of saving the earth is on every individual’s shoulders and we have to play it well.

Save Environment, Save Earth, Save Life!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Or Refurbish!


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13 thoughts on “The priority of the hour: Reduce Reuse Recycle OR Refurbish

  1. Well said. Unfortunately govts and most of the people are not giving importance to environment. They are ruining environment for urbanisation. People in India are bound to drink water contaminated with flouride, arsenic and other harmful substances, but govt don’t care. A lot of dams, illegal sand mining are responsible for floods, but no one is thinking about it.

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  2. Aayushi, you left off the first option: refuse. Don’t buy it in the first place. For example, my wife and I haven’t bought new clothes in decades. The trousers I am wearing now were bought in 2013, from an opp shop (thrift shop). We haven’t had a TV since 1975, and this is freedom!

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    1. Thanks for giving your time and its nice to hear from you about the fact that you both are caring soo much about the environment. It’s not soo easy to refuse things in this era of showing off you guys are doing a commendable task.

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