Corona Outbreak: A Game Changer

Corona or COVID-19, a recall session for dos and don’ts to humans, or a reminder for the required things and people to every individual.

The game was started just before the beginning of 2020. People were involved in the preparation of welcoming New Year, collaterally a game-changing situation was blossoming i.e. COVID-19 from a part of the earth to another and now almost every human occupied landfill is experiencing the corona outbreak, either in the initial stage, growth stage, maturity or decline, as happens with any other game changer right?

The countries and their governments have declared lockdown, people are now living quarantine life, some with willingness and some due to need of the hour. The people are now fully separated from their normal life events like work, party, get-together, shopping, outing, and others. What they are doing now are the basic tasks, which are essential for living a healthy life on the earth.

The impact is expected to change the lives of the majority of people after the outbreak, as it will remind them, what are the essentials for living a healthy and happy life? The routine of people is changing, which is the most important element impacting a greater part of an individual’s life. For instance, if a person is practicing a particular thing from more than a month or two, then that becomes part of life. And what people are practicing now days is a healthy breakfast, brunch, dinner and even snacks, quality time with family, and self-care. These are the prominent life essentials having the power to transform an individual physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now the time is to change the game, and the planner of this game-changing situation is that invisible power, which has created the earth and dependent lives on it.

The busy life schedules, distracting innovations, and show-off trends have drastically changed the lives and environment.

During this quarantine phase, the earth is healing itself with the help of less air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution. Human selfishness has used excessive natural resources including fuel, water, trees, land, and many more in unfair ways, that have resulted in ozone layer depletion, pollution diseases, and habitat destruction.

Let’s consider, we clean our house for the celebration of special occasions or when our house gets too much dirt. In the same manner, things are happening with the earth such as cleaning of air, cleaning of animal habitats, most importantly cleaning of river and ocean that are continuously getting pollutants from industry wastage or human activities.

The most recent happening after lockdown includes improved air quality in India, the holy river “Ganga” gets cleaner due to lockdown, improved air quality in China, which is likely to save between 50-75 thousand people from premature death, that occurs from polluted air diseases. These are the only warm-up facts, there are lots of other trending important environmental changes on google, and many of the estimates by researchers have published, in compliance with the improved environmental condition.

In the end, we can say that “The Mother Earth Is Healing Itself”. Else, the fact can’t be neglected, that the good things come with some negative effects.

We shall overcome one day for sure…

A big thanks to all the individuals including doctors, nurses, NGOs, police, volunteers, government officials, vendors, guards, and municipality workers, who are continuously involved in doing their jobs for a better tomorrow.

Stay home stay safe!


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