Need of the Hour: Environmental Protection

A new decade is here with the chance to dedicate yourself to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R) initiative for a better future with a protective environment. The deteriorating environment is heading towards the black future of us and our generation. Very soon we’ll be left with the polluted air, water, soil and everything which is nature-based and important for survival.

The need is to figure out things where we can make changes right from the unnecessary use of fuel cars, electric appliances to the water, and food. The other side of the wall is the proper disposal of the used items and the efficient management of the disposals.

Wait! This is not something to ignore because if we ignore, the continuously degrading condition will ignore us to serve sooner or late.

If we talk in terms of money then also it is beneficial because produced waste is cheaper and after recycling or renewal it can generate considerable income. So, you can think in that way as well, ultimately the need is to cut down waste in every possible way.

Give a look at some of the potential initiatives which are not only transforming waste by giving another life to it but these initiatives are also providing a helping hand to our bright future.

  1. Precious Plastic

An initiative started by Dave Hakkens in 2013 is fully dedicated to the recycling of the plastic waste with the help of its own designed machines. The plastic waste collected from the beaches and other collection centers is transformed into bricks, jewelry, furniture, accessories, and many more useful items.

  1. No More Butts

The initiative was started by two Noida residents with the tag line “We are here to conserve our depleting environment”. The initiative collects cigarette butts from those who smoke and those who sell cigarettes. The initiative is intended to transform cigarette butts into bricks, manure, and cushions, toys, and bags stuffing among others.

  1. GPS Renewables

This was started from India in 2011, it’s a waste-to-energy technology company that is transforming food waste like a pro. The initiative is supported by the department of biotechnology, recognized by The Tech Awards 2014, Winner of Sankalp Awards at Sankalp Summit, Recognized as the most promising Indian Cleantech startup award by Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011-12, and also listed among the top 6 firms globally by International Knowledge Millennium Conference.

  1. PomPom

The PomPom was a Delhi based initiative started by Deepak Sethi and Kishore K Thakur for converting trash into cash. The initiative is telling us that it’s “Easy Being Green”.

  1. Karma Recycling Pvt Ltd.

The initiative was started with the mantra of “Save Planet, Earn Good Karma“. Karma recycling was started in Delhi in 2013. It has been founded with the philosophy to turn e-waste into useful devices. The company is particularly reusing mobile devices which are negatively impacting the environment moreover, after reuse, these devices are positively impacting the economy.

The list of the initiatives is endless, but here I have to stop so that you can start exploring the ideas to take advantage of converting trash into cash as well as to pay back to the environment. I don’t know about you, but I strongly feel for the depleting environment due to carbon footprints, greenhouse effect, and landfills full of waste.

This post is just a way to let you remind the need of the hour.

Think On It!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle initiative


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9 thoughts on “Need of the Hour: Environmental Protection

    1. Exactly .. I am also on the same path and truly want to make some difference in thinking of people towards the environment… Perhaps this outbreak has given a quality time to the environment for healing itself ….


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