How to capture a perfect picture?

Today we are going to talk about the perfect photo capture with your mobile camera or professional camera.

So, let’s think about the moment when we are going to capture any memory or scene in our mobile or camera, we always look forward to a perfect shoot. And then the question arises! What has to be done to make it’s a perfect one?

Here we have a trick and a function in some mobile and cameras as well, where we have to consider our capturing frame in nine equal squares or grids.

So for example in iPhone, it’s like settings>Photos & Camera>Grid. And in some other mobile & cameras also you can get the benefits of this function. So now we have to talk about the working of it.


I have attached a picture with the post in which you can see, the photo of a nest in a person’s palm with the egg and sparrow. If you divide that photo into 9 equal squares you observe that the three squares of the first row are showing the background of the environment. The middle three square are witnessing our main object that is a nest with the sparrow and the eggs, which is the main focus of our picture. Now the last three squares which are depicting the second priority of the picture that is the hand of the person. So what has been understood in general is assign that middle three squares or the center square for the focus of our capture, rest for the background and other priorities. We can make it clear with one more example.


This picture is depicting a deer standing behind the tree. So, in the above example, the nine grids were having horizontal priorities, but this picture is having the vertical priority which includes deer, tree and the background. Here the first three squares of the first column are capturing the tree. Middle three are capturing deer and the last three are focusing on the background. You can also swap the first three and last three squares of first and third columns respectively if the deer will have the left-hand facing, but in this picture, deer is facing the right side. So we can conclude from this picture that the middle three squares witness the focus of the picture, the first three shows the second priority that is tree and the last three squares of the grid are showing the background of the environment.

Hope this information helps you in capturing the perfect pictures. And for better results, continuous practice is a must.

Photo credit:

Example 1- Mr. Gaurav Bundela

Example 2- Mr. Roshan Puri

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