What next after ten years challenge?

Hey, are you still thinking about the ten years challenge? If yes, then let’s discuss.

Ten years of challenge covered humans, animals, and nature.

Human- People have started from their own physical transformation to mental transformation.

Animal- The negative impact of urbanization and industrialization on animal’s population in the past ten years.

Nature- The increasing pollution coupled with pollution leads to the destruction of nature.

What not people have discussed? Positive, negative, neutral everything, every possible area has been covered. People have analyzed what change happened within them and outside.  Now, what next? it’s a start for another ten years challenge. If you are better than try to be the best in the next ten or if you have degraded your performance in the past ten years then start for the upgrade.

Ok! This is cool but what about nature? Well-known lyrics of movie “Gully Boy” song says “Apni Pidi Ki Soch Wo Kaise Lenge Sans Kyo?”

Overuse of resources will result in the scarcity of same. Daily increasing disposal of waste in natural resources causing pollution. And we all are very much aware of the disadvantages of it.

We are very much aware of the types of pollution which include,

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Soil Pollution
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Noise Pollution
  5. Radioactive Pollution
  6. Thermal Pollution
  7. Light Pollution

So can we start for the next never-ending challenge which will bright our future and next generations present?

What we have to do? Its easily can be found on google, but the inspiration for doing so can come from inside only. It’s the stage when the pollution can’t be stopped but the measures for controlling the same can be taken. Start from small things such as excessive and unnecessary use of vehicle, electricity, food, water, and wood.

This is not something to read and forget. It’s something to make you remind the actual changes happened over the past years. It’s good to talk about the changes but its best if you do something for the changes. And that changes should be positive and beneficial for all.


Thanks for reading the blog, after 2 months I am writing, hope you people like it.

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