Current youth of India are confident or confused?

If we talk about the current youth, the things which come in our mind are:

  • Mobile phones
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Social Media
  • Brands
  • Shortcuts
  • Money
  • Competition
  • Comfort

Above mentioned all entities are the part of the current youth.  These are the diversion because they think about all the above things, instead of a career. Confidence and confusion happen when a person is thinking about the particular thing, gives time for the same, but what’s happening here is a mobile phone with an internet connection is more important than anything else.

Let’s we should not deviate from the topic our matter of concern is “Current youth of India are confident or confused”

Confidence comes when we are prepared or have sufficient experience for the same we want to achieve. And this type of attitude is absent in current youth they don’t have enough time to prepare and don’t want to compromise for their comfort, even for the initial opportunity. Also, because of the competition factor, they don’t start and get confused.

So yes we got the point they are confused. And this confusion is not part of their personality only but the environment and family background are equally responsible.

And now you should ask a question, how the environment and family background is responsible for their confusion?

The technological impact is a crucial part of everyone’s life now, and this fact is also known to all that technology has both sides of the coin with an equal surface area. The easier mode of communication consumes time and has given birth to the competition as well.

If a teenager sees a person enjoying a certain level of life then he/she too wants to achieve that, similarly if someone is successful in certain fields than also he/she gets attracted to it.

These things create what? Without a doubt the confusion only.

And here they can only protect themselves from this if their family gives them proper guidance at every stage of life.

What curious minds of small children want? A clear view of the world, but what family told them you are very small to understand all and even this all things are not your matter of concern you just go play and enjoy. This is the time when you have to solve their curious questions not with the direct answers but with some related answer which they can understand.

And as they start growing up you start comparing them with other children which makes them feel inferior and they start perceiving themselves as good for nothing type of personality. Here you have to appreciate them for their work and achievements.

And in our society people start thinking about their career after HSC. This is enough to understand that they are confused because till HSC they are not aware and after HSC they have to choose one star from the whole galaxy which can easily confuse them without any doubt.

In the life cycle of a tree, the starting phase seed knows which fruit it will give. The same should happen with the human being too, kids should understand what their goal is and what makes them happy. If the roots are strong then the tree is going to be the strongest one.

If you want to conquer the confusion than start research and make a clear framework for your career and then don’t let yourself deviate from the decided one.

This one is recommended. I think I have mentioned the things which you want.

Reference is Indian Society. But, yes exceptional cases are there don’t take it personally.

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