Something for you: Dear success….

Here are some words fully dedicated to my success. Whatever the situation is, the intoxication of success always helps you in survival.

Kuch is tarah badalte hai pal ghanto mai

ghante dino mai, aur din mahino fir salo mai….

Jo nhi badalta wo ahsas hai tera..

teri mohobbat ka, wo irada tujhe pane ka…

Kuch is tarah junoon sir par chada hai …

Ki ab har waqt in zazbato ke sath ta-umra bitane ka man karta hai..

Kahi uchaiyo ke shikhar par tum raho

Kahi uchaiyo ke shikhar par hum rahe ..

duriya chahe uchaiyo ki milo ho,

par darmiya koi aur shikahar na rahe…

Khol diye hai darwaze rasto ke zindgi ne…

Hame bhi zid hai un har rasto to tay karne ki..

Mazboor karne ki us khuda ko

jo kuch aur pal de Nayi raho ke

Jo tum tak pohchne ki khushi deti hai

Kuch is tarah badlta hai waqt,

ki har waqt tumhe pane ki talab rahti hai….

I don’t know, you find it good or bad but what I know is you people also agree with it.

Without any doubt, I can say they are my own original words, not recommended one but if you want me to write for your topics then suggest it in the comment box.

And yes, Like if you like……

Published by aayushisthought

I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

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