Photography is the term which is used for capturing the real visible moments in the form of hard copy or soft copy instead of memories only for the mind.

The word “photography” has the Greek roots with the addition of two different words in a single word which are photos and graphe which means “representation by means of lines or drawing” together meaning “drawing with light.”

This is something that keeps your moments in the form of images for a lifetime. Just think once you see your childhood images and enjoy that feeling of being a child is the precious one that you hardly get from any other means.

You can opt for it as a full-time career or part-time. Even some people involved in it only for their passion and hobby. And let me tell you please don’t discriminate this field on the basis of gender both males and females are equally welcome.

The mobile phone has explored this field to a large extent nowadays each and everyone wants to click good quality pictures.

If you want to explore this particular field then you should have a clear view of these terms.

Image- Any visual object that has been modified or altered by a computer or an imagery object has been created using a computer.

Photo or Photograph- Anything taken by a camera, digital camera, or photocopier

Picture- A drawing, painting, or artwork created on a computer. A picture is also used to describe anything created using a camera or scanner.

These are some career opportunities in this particular field that pay the bills.

  • Commercial Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Photojournalist/News Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer

Instead of it, there are people who have a passion for photography they do it only for happiness or as a hobby. They are not professionals but have more dedication and concentration for it. And even some professionals in this field also started the journey of their professional life by chasing their passion and hobby.

One of them is Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a fast-growing entrepreneur and motivational speaker of India. He is the CEO and founder of (the largest collection of Indian images, has a collection of more than 1 million images of Indian models with a network of over 11,500 photographers all over India.)

There are many types of photographer some of them are:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Landscape Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Pet Photographer
  • Action / sports photographer
  • Aerial Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Micro Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • Macro Photographer
  • Concert Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Astrophotographer
  • Real Estate and Architecture Photographer
  • School Photographer
  • Baby Photographer
  • Family Photographer
  • Satellite Photographer
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Food Photographer
  • Vehicle Photographer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Street Photographer
  • Nude/erotic Photographer
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Stock Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Equine Photographer
  • Paparazzi

It’s all about your level of passion and love for photography which can pay you money.

Its a recommended topic hope you get the things which you want from the blog.  Thank you for reading this have a great life and a bright career.

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