Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics

Politics is a word that was once used for the benevolence and wellbeing of the people, but now it’s only a platform of money-making and competition. There was a time when people think if a person in politics then he or she has the purpose of social service and wellbeing of the society and country as well. But now the picture has been changed totally, politics means a platform where the person has the “Power and Paisa” and most importantly people can do anything for this they can play with the lives of the people, future of the people and country.

Our matter of concern is gender

Is it matter whether you are a boy or a girl?

The answer to this question depends on the mentality and experience of the answerer because every individual has his or her own perception.

Let’s take the example of different individuals….

A normal middle-class family parent  

They have a very simple and structured lifestyle where they cannot afford any kind of risk for the deviation from the normal arranged budget and also they don’t want to play the game of life with the upper class of the society. A middle-class family is always concerned for their children’s life and future and especially for the girl child they just want them to be settled as soon as possible. If they choose working life for their girls then basically their intention is to make them self-dependent only, they don’t want any type of tensions or dangers in their lives. Basically, they don’t prefer politics no matter whether the person is a boy or a girl but if in case they have to allow then the boy can get permission but girls can’t because of the issue of safety and happiness.

Member from politics   

If you ask a person who belongs to politics that he or she will allow his/her child to join politics or not then there is almost a 99% probability that the person will say yes. Some of them can say no for the girl because they know the working environment of the field which is very hectic, challenging and risky as well without any doubt we all can say. But there are girls from the background of the politics who know all this and can manage because of their experience with the environment with their dear once. Example: Indira Gandhi (First Prime Minister of India), Hillary Clinton (Nominee for the President in the US).

With observations and facts, we can say that girls are not allowed because the family of girls is concerned for their safety and well-being. They don’t want their daughters to be surrounded by play minds who use them in any of the ways for their benefits.

And still, it is perceived that politics is male-dominated and it is true according to facts also we only have a few numbers of females in politics.

Politics is not only the field where girls are not allowed there are many fields that are perceived as they are made for boys only. This mentality can only be changed by the girls who want to enter and explore these fields and the once who can support them in completing their dreams. If you have full confidence in yourself, knowledge and power then just move ahead and follow your dreams.

And by the way, there is a dialogue which everyone knows “Kehte hain ki …… Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai..

It’s a recommended topic I don’t know whether you got your answer or not but I tried my best to explore the topic.

Thanks for reading the post and give your suggestions in the comment box. Good luck with your career and live a happy life.

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4 thoughts on “Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics

  1. In moderate, secular, and democratic countries, I think women are allowed to join politic.
    So which country are you talking about within this post?
    Are you talking about a customs in a society?

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