How to become better writer?

No one can define any specific method or process for becoming a better writer until or unless u wanted to be so. And if you want to be so everything is done, just keep your fingers on the keyboard and start. And yes, I am saying a keyboard because the time for the pen, pencil or copy is gone. It’s a digital era with digital tools.

But without any doubt, there are some necessary things without which you cannot be a better writer. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Language knowledge (including grammar)
  2. Proficiency in collecting your diverse thoughts into a single one in a very creative way.
  3. Good Vocabulary
  4. Topic Knowledge (On which you want to write)
  5. Genuine and Original Content

According to me above mentioned five things are necessary for becoming a better writer

  1. Language Knowledge

          Whether you are writing in your mother tongue or in any other language, knowledge of that language is very much required, as you are writing for the readers of that language. If you don’t know the reader’s language then why they will invest their time in understanding your content instead of reading from other sources.

  1. Proficiency in collecting your diverse thoughts into a single one in a very creative way.

It’s the very important and only thing which is must in a writer because if you don’t know how to showcase your work in front of people than how you make them read your content.

For example: If people will not able to understand what you are saying in the first paragraph and then what you are saying in the next paragraph. They will not do brainstorming for your content as there is uncountable content in the market which they easily understand.

  1. Good Vocabulary

This one is for making your content more professional, eye-catching or lovable. Good vocab is a sign of strong reading and knowledge.

  1. Topic Knowledge (On which you want to write)

          This is like “You want to buy a banana, but the thing is you don’t know how it looks”

The same thing happen in content also you at least understand what topic is and how it works and all related information.

  1. Genuine and Original Content

If you really want to be a writer than forget the words copy and paste. I am not saying that you should not refer to the topics or related information but what requires is to write them in your own way or words and level of understanding, don’t try to copy other’s write-up.

Instead of all these necessary things what more important is you should be a deep and creative thinker you have to collect the very different points in a single write up so that it should be well-circumscribed to the topic from all the corners.

Writing is not a thing that can be learned by reading only it should be practiced by writing more and more. And by the way, this is a well-known thought that “Practice makes a man perfect”

Thanks for giving your time and yes some Mb’s from your data pack to my content. Have a nice day and a good career.

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