Dream Job

An Ambiance where deep silence making noise…..

A group of people who love their own work anything else, Interaction between them should be friendly but informal and respectful manner. Work that enhances knowledge, skill, and ability. There should be always something new, different and challenging within a learning environment. One will not get time for getting bored as well as for regrets all of which exist is enthusiasm, excitement and lots of happiness.

And if we talk about the pay then the pay should be like “return on the work done with smartness, honesty, fairness, and involvement”

Job is not equal to the money for a dynamic worker. Apart from this, for real workers, money or salary are the solutions to routine problems, but happiness comes on their faces after the solution of a real-world problem.

A perfect job should be like you have the power in your hand or in mind for the solution of almost every problem in the field which you are specialized in.

SALARY=Analytics for solving the existing problem+Honesty+Fairness+ Engagement and Loyalty towards the job

Job is not only a way to fulfill your and family needs with the salary. Moreover, it is something which gives you happiness. A power for proving your self. A skill which lets you take stand in the crowd. It is something that gives you spirit for moving on in life.

Let’s be little philosophical ……

  • It’s a perfume with arousing smell.
  • It’s a flower with a sophisticated petals.
  • It’s a sky with full of Stars.
  • It’s a night drive in cool pleasant air on a bike.
  • It’s a journey with full of treasures.
  • It’s a full poured soil pot with child water.

The only decision you have to make for being it so in your life is “CHOOSE”

All feelings will depend on your selection for the job.

NOW the list of happiest Job of world……

  1. Marketing Specialist
  2. Engineer
  3. Gardener
  4. Nurse
  5. Scientist

The list of top 10 highest paying Jobs of the world……

  1. Surgeon
  2. Psychiatrist
  3. General Practice Physician
  4. Senior Level Corporate Executive
  5. Dentist
  6. Petroleum Engineer
  7. Orthodontist
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Pharmacist

In the end, just want to thank you all for your precious time which you have spent on my content. And good luck with your career.


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I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

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