Career Growth in Digital Marketing

It’s not a tough task to enter into the digital marketing world without any training or course, but it’s always a tough and impossible task to lead the field without proper guidance and knowledge. Moreover, digital marketing is basically the way of promoting products or services through the help of internet-based platforms. So for that, a good training program with a well-structured curriculum provides you a bright carrier in digital marketing. So here we will talk about some beneficial and free digital marketing courses from authorized sources for the certifications in digital marketing that could build up your resume.

Google Digital Unlock

This is a very initial step towards the digital marketing world. The course includes all the information about the important keywords and tactics which are very important for those who are stepping into the world of digital marketing. The most amazing thing about this course is, you will get the certification from Google itself.


This is another fantastic platform that provides free certification for some of the google credentials including Google Ads Certification, Google Marketing Platform, Google For Education, Google AdMob, Authorized Buyers, Android, Google My Business, Waze, And Google Ad Manager. Proper section wide tests and videos are available with the final certification exam of around 2:30 hour long. The other amazing thing about the certification from this platform is you are getting the certification from Google itself with the colorful Google logo.

eMarketing Institute

It’s another amazing platform for getting certification for some of the digital marketing entities including Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Content Marketing, E-commerce, Email-Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics. The platform provides free e-books for the respective topics which include a particular number of chapters for providing all the essential information about the implementation of the particular entity.

The aforementioned certification platforms are verified and I also have done certification form the same. These are really beneficial in terms of getting exact information about digital marketing credentials. Additionally, for upgrading resume with these certifications which carry value in the corporate world.

Apart from these, certifications are the primary key of getting success in the digital marketing world, whereas practical knowledge and passion for learning in an individual are the very important factors required for getting success in any field as well as for being proficient.

For the same keep learning and practicing for getting excellence in the digital market or in any other field, you are passionate about.

Thanks for reading and giving your valuable time!

Stay Safe!

And a warm welcome in the world of digital marketing, we as an individual have to change with the changing technology.

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  1. NIIT is a fraud institute.You will check online many complaint about them. I myself experience it. They do big promises when you take admission but don’t fulfill any of them.

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