Welcome note to all the readers of aayushisthought

Here I am going to give you a short summary of my site based on the points mention below;

  • The ideas or thoughts which I want to share or you want me to share.
  • The way of interaction that we are going to follow.
  • What you will find here.

This is just the starting and the welcome note to all of you on my site, Its a treasure of journey which we are going to enjoy together in coming days, months and years. Here you will find the thoughts which generally wander in everyone’s mind but no one thinks in deep with comparing them to the facts and the psychological view. I am not going to restrict it on any particular topic or area. We’ll explore all the thoughts which wander in the mind of a person related to women’s safety, society views, career aspiration of individual, loneliness, heart and mind collisions and many more. I don’t want it a one to many conversations instead of two-way communication. It’s not only me who will talk, but it should also be us who will communicate. If someone writes something then the result is not only his or her thought its a collective view of many other people who have not able to express it till the date and are the ones who are also involved in direct or indirect ways for such type of perspective. I hope you will enjoy the bond which we are going to share via this medium. I will always give my 100% in the content which I share and it’s my responsibility that it will not be a wastage of your time while reading.

It should be a “Full Time Vasul” type of dealing exactly like “Full Paisa Vasul”.

If you have any  views and suggestions share it on my mail id aayushidogane1995@gmail.com


Published by aayushisthought

I am a person who like to explore the thoughts which create feeling of exotic, chaos and the kind of amusement.

5 thoughts on “Welcome note to all the readers of aayushisthought

  1. (Gets in a time machine) oh wow! You are going to do such a great job! One day you may even write about women in politics! Express yourself! We want your opinion! (Gets in time machime and goes back to 2020)

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation!
      I have written a blog on the same in my post “Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Join Politics”.. pls check the same and I am really happy to hear that you want to listen my opinion on this type of rare topic… I would like to hear more suggestions from you and will love to write on the same

      Liked by 1 person

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